Miss May I Releases First 2012 Vans Warped Tour Video Update!

MISS MAY I has just posted the first official VANS WARPED TOUR video update detailing the band’s performances and some backstage antics. Head to the band’s official YouTube page right now to check out the video and stay tuned for some behind-the-scenes and gear videos being posted exclusively soon.

This summer is the season of MISS MAY I! The band recently announced the #32 Billboard Top 200 first week debut of their new album, At Heart, as well as singer Levi Benton’s appearance on one of the Alternative Press Magazine special edition VANS WARPED TOUR covers.

Make sure to keep an eye out at your local VANS WARPED TOUR stop—Levi will be appearing at several Alternative Press Magazine Booth signings. Check the signing times at your local tour stop for more details. The band will be taking part in several additional signings during their main stage run at VANS WARPED TOUR this year, including appearances at the Project143 booth and the MISS MAY I merch stand! When arriving at the festival, attendees will be given specific times for each individual signing as well as the band’s performance times (they are scheduled to change per date).

Additionally, MISS MAY I drummer Jerod Boyd and bassist Ryan Neff will be giving one-on-one daily music lessons at the official BANDHAPPY Music Lesson Tent. This is a great opportunity for fans to learn directly from the band members themselves! For more information on the tent, visit www.bandhappy.com/warpedtour.

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Interview With Mike Muir Of Suicidal Tendencies At Orion Music + More!

Photo credit: Matt Ellis

PCM’s Kristyn Clarke caught up with Suicidal Tendencies front man Mike Muir at the recent Orion Music + More Festival hosted by metal masters Metallica at Atlantic City, NJ’s Bader Field.

Suicidal Tendencies are about to celebrate their 30 year anniversary as a band and their set headlining the Damage, INC stage at Orion on Saturday night was phenomenal. The band packed their set with a ton of fan favorites and as a special surprise, and one of the true stand-out moments of the festival overall, they were joined on stage by Metallica bassist Randy Trujillo to rock out on some Infectious Grooves tracks that have not been played live in quite some time!

Check out our interview with Cyco Miko below:

For more information about Suicidal Tendencies visit: http://www.suicidaltendencies.com/suicidal/

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Interview with Don Jamieson At Orion Music + More Festival

PCM’s Kristyn Clarke was able to catch up with comedian and host of VH1’s “That Metal Show”  Don Jamieson while out to cover the recent Orion Music + More Festival hosted by the mighty Metallica in Atlantic City, NJ.

Don shared with us his thoughts on metal and comedy, some of his favorite guests that have been on “That Metal Show”, and more!  Check out the interview below:

Don has more stand-up dates coming this summer and “That Metal Show” is currently gearing up for its’ 11th season airing on VH1 Classic. For more information on Don Jamieson and “That Metal Show” visit: http://www.donjamieson.com

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Interview With Red Fang's Bryan Giles At Orion Music + More Festival!

Photo credit: Matt Ellis

Kristyn Clarke was able to catch up with Red Fang guitar and vocalist Byran Giles at this past weekend’s Orion Music + More festival in Atlantic City, NJ.

RED FANG have just released a limited edition Pizza Picture disc of their critically acclaimed album Murder the Mountains. The A Side of the disc features The “RED FANG” Pizza, which is actually available on the menu at Relapse Records owner Matt Jacobson’s restaurant Sizzle Pie, which has two locations in Portland, Oregon. The B-Side of the disc features RED FANG’s drink of choice PBR, pizza crusts and bloody band-aids. The exclusive disc is available for purchase HERE.

RED FANG also head to Europe this summer for a tour which includes numerous festival appearances. The tour starts on July 5th in Gävle, Sweden at the “Getaway Rock Fest” and runs through August 4th at the “Porifestival” in Pori, Finland.

RED FANG are streaming Murder The Mountains in its entirety at this location. The album is now available on CD, 12″ vinyl, and deluxe digital via Relapse HERE and on iTunes HERE

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Interview with Kyng At Orion Music + More!

Photo credit: Cambria Harkey

PCM’s Kristyn Clarke was able to catch up with Kyng while out at the Orion Music + More festival in Atlantic City, NJ this past weekend! The band was incredibly excited to be part of the inaugural festival hosted by Metallica and talked about band’s they were excited to see on Orion festival, touring plans and more!

Metallica frontman James Hetfield recently sung the band’s praises after discovering them through Sirius XM program director Jose Mangin, who has championed KYNG since hearing early demos a few years ago.

KYNG will join Seether and Sick Puppies on the “Triple Threat Tour” beginning this fall! The tour begins mid-September and will include stops in Atlanta, Boston, Baltimore, and St. Louis, among others, with more dates to be announced soon. The tour will come on the heels of a sprawling summer trek that sees them on the road with 10 Years and Fair to Midland.

Kyng released their debut record Trampled Sun last fall on REALID Records (through Independent Label Group).

For more information:

Kyng Online

Official Website l Facebook l YouTube l Myspace l Twitter l Spotify


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Orion Music + More Festival Recap!

Words by: Kristyn Clarke
Photo Credit: Cambria Harkey, Matt Ellis, Jack Edinger

Metallica can certainly pat themselves on the back and say ‘job well done’ after this weekend’s wildly successful Orion Music + More festival that was hosted at Atlantic City, NJ’s Bader Field. Thousands of Metallica fans invaded the festival which featured one of the most diverse line-ups that I have ever seen which included artists such as Gary Clark, Jr, Eric Church, Modest Mouse, Artic Monkeys, Ghost, Suicidal Tendencies, Avenged Sevenfold, and of course the metal masters Metallica themselves who had the headlining spot each night.

The festival also featured an incredible array of lifestyle attractions that were each curated by one of the Metallica band members such as “Kirk’s Crypt” which showcased guitarist Kirk Hammett’s extensive horror memorabilia collection, the “Custom Car Show” which showcased front-man James Hetfield’s love of all things loud and fast, the “Hit The Lights” film tent where drummer Lars Ulrich screened several of his favorite films, and the “Motorbreath Mini Ramp” that highlighted bassist Robert Trujillo’s passion for skateboarding and more! With over thirty plus bands playing through-out the course of the weekend and all of the lifestyle attractions to check out, there was constant entertainment around ever corner and always something new to explore.

Orion Music + More provided what every fan looks for in a festival: the ability to get from stage to stage with ease, lack of set over-laps from bands, and plenty of activities to keep their attention throughout the day. Metallica discovered a formula that worked for setting up Orion and other festival promoters should definitely take note!

We had the fortune of being able to conduct interviews with several of the band’s playing this year’s Orion Music +More festival such as Suicidal Tendencies, Don Jamieson of VH1’s “That Metal Show”, Soul Rebels, The Black Dahlia Murder, A Place To Bury Strangers and many more, most of which will be posted this coming week!  All of the band’s and artists we spoke with over the weekend were completely thrilled to be taking part in Orion’s inaugural year and feel Metallica did a fantastic job keeping the line-up as diverse as possible, and bringing the feel of the famed European music festivals here to the States for the first time.

The members of Metallica, themselves, were on-hand for majority of the festival, running around to the various stages introducing their favorite bands of the day and interacting with the crowd. It was great to see the band take such an approachable stance and be very involved with all aspects of the festival creating a lot of memories for fans and the other bands on the bill as well.

Orion Music + More truly featured something for every taste and definitely did a fantastic job of opening the ears of fans to some new music that they may not have heard…for me personally this weekend’s set’s from Ghost, Modest Mouse, and Lucero stood out as an example of artist’s I only casually knew and now have become a fan after seeing them perform at Orion. Some festival highlights included Metallica bassist Robert Trujillio taking the stage to rock out with his former bandmates in Suicidal Tendencies on The Damage Inc stage, Cage The Elephant frontman Michael Shultz stage diving into the crowd and bringing the early nineties live rock appeal to the Fuel stage, Soul Rebels brass band from New Orleans playing an incredible rendition of Metallica’s hit song “Enter Sandman” and comedian Jim Bruer leading a sing-a-long to “Heavy Metal Bingo”! Orion Music + More really did have it all!

Metallica closed out Saturday night making history by playing their album “Ride The Lightning” in it’s entirety including “Escape”, a song the band vowed never to play live!  The band sandwiched the “Ride The Lightning” set with their hits such as “Hit The Lights”, “Master Of Puppets”, “Battery” and “One” much to the delight of the rabid fans. Metallica knows how to put on one hell of an awesome rock show and watching the band is a completely mesmerizing experience. You would assume after nearly thirty years together Metallica would be at the point where they can simply phone it in and still put on a pretty entertaining show, however this is not the case, they are still running around the stage and rocking out with as much energy and passion as their early years and that is what makes them a truly legendary band.

On Sunday night Metallica brought the house down playing their famed self-titled “The Black Album” all the way through and added a few additional songs that didn’t make it into set from Day One such as “Fuel”, the not often played “The Shortest Straw” off “…And Justice For All” and the epic “Blackened”. “The Black Album” has spawned a ton of hits for Metallica, many of which are still in heavy rotation at rock stations across the country, and despite the album’s popularity fans were still eager to sing along with their favorites in the live setting. When front man James Hetfield asked the crowd ‘Do you want heavy?’  remarking ‘Metallica gives you heavy, baby’ prior to breaking into the hard-hitting “Sad But True”  the crowd went absolutely wild and the band plowed through the rest of their set bringing an explosive end to an incredible weekend of music +more!

Metalllica held a press conference on Friday night prior to the start of the festival, PCM and our friends at TheRockRevival.com were on hand …check out the video below where the band discusses the various lifestyle elements of the festival, band’s they are excited to see, and more!



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Interview with Charm City Devils

(PCM) Words by: Kristyn Clarke Photography by: Ken Schuler Baltimore rock band Charm City Devils recently played a show at The Crocodile Rock in Allentown, PA and despite the less than full capacity of the venue, the band did a phenomenal job of keeping those that were in attendance completely entertained. It’s as the saying goes ‘it doesn’t matter if you are playing to five people or five million people….the show must go on’ and Charm City Devils played their hearts out and showed their true spirit as musicians.

The band played a great set mixed with new material off their latest album release “Sins” and a few older songs off their debut release “Let’s Rock-N-Roll”.  The band’s cover of “Man of Constant Sorrow” is incredible and if you haven’t had a chance to pick up a copy of “Sins” I urge you to do so, as it is a truly solid rock record.

I had a chance to sit down with Charm City Devil’s front-man John Allen prior to the show, view the interview below:

To keep up to date with Charm City Devils please visit:

And definitely get out to see them live!!!!

Photo Gallery

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Interview with Dying Fetus' Trey Williams

Dying Fetus, an American death metal band from Maryland known for their hook-heavy song structure and political/modern themes, are gearing up for their tours this summer in support of their new album, Reign Supreme, out June 19th.

Dying Fetus is embarking on two tours this summer and one in the fall. The band is currently on tour with Revocation and Six Feet Under as part of the “18 Nights of Blood” tour which will be followed by a European tour from 6/29-7/6, and “The Womb to Waste” European tour from 9/14-10/14.

Dying Fetus’ new album Reign Supreme features nine tracks and is a “return to roots” with production focused slightly more on slam than in the band’s last few works.  Thematically, the album is set to be a good old-fashioned piece of social and political commentary in the style of Dying Fetus as we have come to know.

The band recently completed work on a video for the song “From Womb to Waste”. The video features 12 camera angles from a recent live show at Maryland Deathfest held at Sonar in Baltimore, MD. The video was filmed and directed by Scott Hansen (Animals as Leaders, A Day to Remember). The video is available for viewing here.

Alternative Press Magazine is hosting a Dying Fetus Giveaway with the prizes being a guitar and Dying Fetus merch. To find out more information and enter the giveaway, click here.

Trey Williams, the drummer for Dying Fetus, recently had an interview with PCM’s Kristyn Clarke, which can be found below.

Q: Can we talk about your new album Reign Supreme; what can we expect from it?

“You can expect a groovier, heavier, faster Dying Fetus album. We don’t follow trends and we don’t change it up too much, so if you’re a Dying Fetus fan you’re going to get another Dying Fetus album and if you’re not a Dying Fetus fan then you’re going to get the most polished Dying Fetus album yet.”

Q: How would you say your sound has evolved over the years?

“It’s gotten more technical and faster at times, it’s progressed along with all of us as a band, our growth as musicians. Early on Dying Fetus was kind of a death grind band, then we crossed over into death metal/hard core, then we progressed into being more death metal and now we’re just Dying Fetus now.”

Q: Does negative criticsm affect you as a band?

“You take all input and analyze it and use any way you want, both positive and negative. Usually the negative input is the most honest because you don’t have someone fan-boying or trying to be nice, you have someone saying exactly what they think. You take that and you decide whether you agree or not; that’s how you treat negative criticism.”

Q: Your video blogs gave your fans a behind the scenes look at the band, what other social media do you use?

“We’ve got a Facebook and a Twitter page. You can’t ignore social media now-a-days, that’s how everyone finds out about everything. So we’ve embraced it, we have an active Facebook page and we do some Twittering. We’re down with that stuff.”

Q: You’re about to embark on the “18 Nights of Blood” tour, what are you excited about for the tour?

“It’s going to be cool, going to New York, Los Angeles, going everywhere. The South is usually good to us and the East is cool.  We have little alcoves of fans all over the country so we’re excited to get out there and play for our fans again.”

Q: Are there any parts of the country where you’re surprised to have a big following from?

“It’s usually when you’re out in the Midwest, like Wyoming or Idaho. Boise has a surprising amount of fans, I’m always surprised by their amount of energy at shows too.”

Q: Do you have a preference between playing smaller club dates versus larger festivals?

“They both have their benefits or things that you enjoy. The great thing about the Festivals is that they’re the biggest shows you get to play all year, you get to play for a couple thousand people and we don’t really get to do that here in the states, especially if we are headlining our own shows. The great thing about small shows is that you have a greater likelihood of having those crazy war like show where people are stage diving left and right, mic stands are going everywhere, people are going crazy and having a great time. There’s so much energy. Both shows have their benefits and we definitely enjoy both.”

Q: When did you first develop a love for drums?

“I had always wanted to play drums, but not til my Sophomore year in high school did I actually start playing drums. I played other instruments before that and finally settled on drums.”

Q: What was the first album you bought?

“My first album was “Attack of the Killer Bees” by Anthrax. Of course it was killer, it was Anthrax. It was a pretty big influence on me at that point in time. Also “The Real Thing” by Faith No More was epic. Both albums influenced me.”

Q: Over the years, have you had any crazy/memorable fan experiences?

“Probably my first show with Dying Fetus at a Festival in Germany and there were 10,000 fans in the crowd. That’s a pretty awesome first show. That’s probably my most memorable memory.”

Q: Did you face any challenges coming into a band that was already established?

“I think the hardest thing for me coming into this band is trying to capture the style of the multitude of drummers who’ve been in this band because I have to play music from all of the albums and try to recreate it in a way that still sounds similar to the album. I have to try to capture all these drummer’s styles and recreate them the best I can, which I’m still learning all of these songs. It’s more of just trying to capture the feel and vibe of these guys, that’s been the biggest challenge. ”

Q: In your opinion, what is the most misunderstood thing about your band or your music?

“The name. You’re going to either turn people on to your band or turn them off by your band name, and if you;re not a metal fan, we’re going to turn you off. That’s a pretty out there name. I remember before i was in the band, I had a Dying Fetus sticker on my car and one of my relatives was like ‘Dying Fetus? That’s an interesting name.’ It’s one of our greatest hurtles, but we play death metal and that’s a small sub genre of the metal genre, we’re not going for a Grammy or anything. We want to get as big as we can and the biggest you can get in death metal is Cannibal Corpse and I don’t think we’re going to get that big, at least not now, but I’m happy with what we have now.”

Q: What are some of your goals for the rest of 2012?

“A lot of touring. The album is about to come out so we’re hoping for decent sales and to hopefully turn some new fans on to what we do. Hopefully everybody comes out to see us live. We want people to support not just us though, but metal too. Go see local shows, go to the national shows, just get out there and do it.”

Q: We’re a pop culture site here at PCM, is there any aspect of pop culture that angers or fascinates you?

“Trends come and go, I don’t know. I’m not turned on to any particular movement or anything like that. I find the whole dubstep thing interesting, but that’s not new, it’s just dance music. The rise of video games being the most marketable form of media right now is fascinating. When you compare music sales to the sales of games like Halo, it’s crazy, the video game sales blow music sales out of the water. I think it’s interesting how games have taken over the media, how that’s where the sales are.”

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to say to the PCM audience?

“I’d encourage everyone to check out Reign Supreme when it comes out on June 19th. If you like it, come out to our shows. If you like metal, support your local scene, go out to shows. Check out our Facebook and Twitter for our dates and everything. And thank you for your time!”

PCM would like to thank Trey Williams and Dying Fetus for taking the time to speak with us. You can check out Dying Fetus’ Facebook page here, their Myspace page here, and their Twitter here.


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Midnight Red Release Debut Single "Hell Yeah" Along With Music Video! Exclusive Interview Below!

Midnight Red is a new group of 5 exciting performers from around the world and the latest contributor to the return of boy bands. After the success of their digital EP, One Club At a Time, the group was invited on tour with New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys and wowed audiences across the country with their irresistible dance tracks.

Now, Midnight Red is thrilled to release their debut single “Hell Yeah,” TODAY! The track will appear on their upcoming full-length album, coming soon. The track, produced by acclaimed hit maker RedOne (Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj), is available on iTunes and all other digital outlets now.

Stream “Hell Yeah” in full now on SoundCloud and be sure to check out footage of the group performing live at Universal City Walk. For more on Midnight Red, visit the group’s official site at midnightred.com.

The incredible video for “Hell Yeah” has also premiered today! Watch below:

Thomas Augusto of Midnight Red took a few minutes to answer some questions for PCM’s Kristyn Clarke, check out the interview below:

Q: Can you share with our site audience a little bit of information about how Midnight Red came together? Is there a story behind the group name?

Thomas Augusto: Eric [Secharia] and I met 5 years ago doing a show together, and we remained friends after the show was over. Eric went back to California and I went back home to Texas. While in California Eric met Anthony [Ladao] and they began forming a group and called me up to join. Colton we found on YouTube, and Joey we met through a producer. Joey [Diggs Jr.] had dreamt of using the word “Midnight” and the next day we combined it with red. We liked “red” because it is such a dominant color that we felt added pow to our punch. Also, a bit of a homage to our mentor and executive producer RedOne.

Q: Your debut single “Hell Yeah” is set to drop on 6/19, how excited are you for the release? Was it hard to narrow down which song to release as the first single?

Thomas Augusto: It’s safe to say we are all ecstatic, it’s incredibly surreal for us! It was a bit of a challenge to narrow it down because we recorded some massive stuff with RedOne and Dallas Austin, but ultimately “Hell Yeah” is the perfect introductory single for us to let the world know we’re here and ready to make some noise!

Q: “Hell Yeah” was produced by RedOne, how did you enjoy working with him and his team?

Thomas Augusto: Working with Red and his team is always a pleasure. RedOne is one of the most kind and humble people I’ve ever met in the industry, not to mention incredibly talented. The work environment is always effortless and flows so well with them that we forget it’s work and just have fun making tunes.

Q: Are there any details you can share with us about your upcoming full-length album? What should we be expecting?  Is there a target release date?

Thomas Augusto: The album will definitely be out later this year, and you can expect to dance quite a bit:) this album is definitely all about ‘feel good’ music.

Q: How would you best describe your music to a first time listener?

Thomas Augusto: If N’Sync and LMFAO had a mischievous baby. Well, 5 babies I guess?

Q: How much were you into the boy band scene, especially the artists of the mid to late nineties such as Backstreet Boys, New Kids On The Block, N’SYNC…etc, prior to joining Midnight Red?

Thomas Augusto: I think that entire genre of Pop music from that era is responsible for the paths of all 5 members in the group leading to Midnight Red. We all grew up looking up to N’Sync and Backstreet!

Q: Any upcoming touring plans on the horizon?

Thomas Augusto: Yes, we plan to hit as many cities, towns and places that will have us.  We are all about performing live and bringing our energy to the people.

Q: I’m sure each one of you has varying influences. Who are some of your top influences as a group? Who brings what to the table musically?

Thomas Augusto: We all 5 have very different taste and influences that coexist in Midnight Red that sort of join together to make a this really cool and unique vibe. Think Captain Planet or Voltron! :) collectively we are very inspired by Michael Jackson, N’Sync, Backstreet, and Black Eyed Peas.

Q: How involved were you with the writing process for the debut album?

Thomas Augusto: We are incredibly fortunate enough to have RedOne and his team write and produce for our album, and we collaborate with ideas and discuss which songs we love and characterize the feel of Midnight Red.

Q: What is the best way to keep up to date with you? How active are you with social media?

Thomas Augusto: We are very active on social media! I always like to joke we’re “textually active”. Between the 5 of us we tweet, Facebook, Instagram, socialcam, ect. Quite a bit! twitter: @itsmidnightred   Facebook.com/itsmidnightred   midnightred.com

Q: Being that we are pop culture based web site, is there a particular area of pop culture that you find fascinating? 

Thomas Augusto: A lot of singing competition shows. The whole concept that the people will champion their idol is always interesting to me. Susan Boyle is my favorite or “Loyal to Boyle” as I like to say.

Get To Know Thomas of Midnight Red:

Thomas Augusto, 21, from Arlington, TX, was called the “little entertainer” because “my parents could never shut me up,” he says. A fan of Beyonce, Radiohead, and No Doubt, Thomas has spent years dreaming about being on a huge stage doing what he loves to do. “There were always pyrotechnics in my daydreams, so I know I am on the right track!” he says.

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New Limited Edition Picture Disc Single "Pigtown Blues" Available Today From CLUTCH

Maryland rockers CLUTCH have released their new limited edition picture disc single “Pigtown Blues” today via Weathermaker Music. The single received its worldwide digital release on June 5th. The A-Side is “Pigtown Blues” and the B-Side is an acoustic version of the track “Motherless Child”. The disc is available at your favorite record store as well as online at www.clutchmerch.com. This is the first new studio material from CLUTCH since 2009’s Strange Cousins From the West,and the first simultaneous worldwide release for Weathermaker Music.

CLUTCH will embark on a headlining tour this summer with special guests Prong and Lionize. The run kicks off July 11th in Fayetteville, AR and wraps up July 22nd in Richmond, VA.

CLUTCH has also rescheduled the two shows that were postponed this May. These dates are now scheduled for November 1st through 3rd. Lionize will be providing direct support and MonstrO will open these dates. Please note that the Flint, MI and Detroit, MI shows are already sold out, tickets for the Joliet, IL show are still available.

CLUTCH will also be playing select dates in August with Lionize. These shows are scheduled for August 9th, 10th, and 12th.

For More Info Visit:



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