HBO to Debut The Rolling Stones Film “Crossfire Hurricane” This November!

(PCM) From the Marquee Club to Hyde Park, Altamont to “Exile,” club gigs to stadium extravaganzas, HBO will provide us with a chronicle of the incredible adventures The Rolling Stones has experienced in their 50 years together as a band in the new film, Crossfire Hurricane, premiering Thursday, November 15.

The film will provide a remarkable new perspective on the unparalleled journey from blues-obsessed teenagers in the early 60s to rock royalty of the rock‘n’roll icons who have defined creativity, daring and durability. With never-before-seen footage and fresh insights from the band themselves, the film will prove to amaze both long-time devotees and another generation of fans.

It will be as though we’re right on the frontline of the band’s most legendary escapades as we gain intimate insight, for the first time, into exactly what it’s like to be part of the Rolling Stones as they overcame denunciation, drugs, dissensions and death to become the definitive survivors. Talk about a backstage pass, huh?

From the outset of the film, viewers know will know they’re in for a white-knuckle ride as we are thrown into the graphic depictions of the riots and chaos of early tours right alongside the birth of the Jagger-Richards songwriting partnership. Plenty of controversy is also fully addressed, including the Redlands drug bust, the descent of Brian Jones into what Richards calls “bye-bye land,” and the terror and disillusionment of 1969’s Altamont Festival.

Of course we’ll also see the band’s rock’n’roll lifestyle with extraordinary openness and the fact that their very survival was repeatedly under threat. Yet they survived and still perform today, an aspect we will sure to see touched upon in the film.

Combined with extensive historical footage, period interviews, extensive live performance material and contemporary commentaries by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Ronnie Wood and former Stones Billy Wyman and Mick Taylor, the film not just provides a no-holds barred approach, but as director Brett Morgen described it, “an aural and visual roller coaster ride.”

Crossfire Hurricane has taken over a year to make and produce with the full cooperation of The Rolling Stones and will not just be premiered on HBO, but will receive a theatrical release in the UK and can be seen by Stones fans in selected cinemas across the country in the fall.


Crossfire Hurricane Premieres Thursday, November 15 on HBO.

HBO to Debut The Rolling Stones Film “Crossfire Hurricane” This November! also appeard on Television News.

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Carnival Of Madness 2012 Concert Review

(PCM) The line-up for this year’s Ca

rnival Of Madness tour was just incredible! This year’s show included Evanescence, Chevelle, Halestorm, Cavo, and New Medicine making it a stellar line-up of a wide-array of heavy hitting bands that certainly know how to pack a punch.

The evening got off to a great start with sets from both New Medicine and Cavo, however my only complaint would be that their set’s were so short if you turned your back for a minute or were running late to the show you ran the risk of missing both. Cavo always displays on of the most energetic performances on stage and it was fantastic to hear songs such as “Champagne”, “Ready To Go” and “Thick As Thieves” in the live setting. Only have a seven song set let quite a few songs out, but none the less the band performed fantastically with the time they were allotted and definitely set the pace for the rest of the evening’s performances.

Halestorm was the next band to grace the stage and I could honestly write for hours about how much I adore this band. From the moment they take the stage the energy in the room becomes electric and you can honestly tell that this is a band that truly plays from within their heart and soul. Starting out their set with “Love Bites (And So Do I), the hit single off the band’s latest album release “The Strange Case Of…” they continued to plow through hit after hit on the stage including songs such as “Mz. Hyde”, “Freak Like Me”, “Break In”, “I Miss The Misery”, “I Get Off”, closing out with “Here’s To Us”. I had the opportunity to chat with Halestorm guitarist Joe Hottinger while out on the road…check out the interview with some fantastic shots of their set below:


After Halestorms’ awesome set, I had no idea how Chevelle was going to follow. I have really only ever been a casual fan of Chevelle and have not been overly impressed seeing them in the live atmosphere, however this time around it was if something had changed. I can’t exactly put my finger on what was different, but it was almost as if the band showed some kind of renewed energy and their Carnival Of Madness set just sounded somehow refreshed. Of course, staple songs like “The Red” and “Send The Pain Below” were played but it was also great to hear song such as “Jars” a true fan favorite and the band’s newer single “Hats of To The Bull”. In fact most of the band’s set consisted of new material off their most recent album release “Hats Off To The Bull”, so that could perhaps explain the renewed sense of energy as they are getting to showcase new material and not playing the same old recycled material night after night.

The true moment that everyone was waiting for occurred with Evanescence took to the stage blasting into their hit single “What You Want” and the crowd went absolutely wild. The set consisted of songs that spanned the entire Evanescence catalog and being that the band has been out of the spotlight for quite some time fans were quite eager to hear their favorite tune and rock out with some new songs as well. Vocalist Amy Lee looked and sounded absolutely stunning bringing to the stage the perfect balance of melodic vocals with heavy guitar riffs which is incredibly pleasing to the ears. Highlights of their performance included songs such as “Going Under”, “Call Me When Your Sober”, “Bring Me To Life”, “The Other Side”, the not often played “Disappear” and finally bring the powerful show to a close with “My Immortal”. We had a chance to chat with Evanescence drummer Will Hunt prior to the show, check out our amazing interview below:

Words by: Kristyn Clarke
Photography by: Ken Schuler/

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Madonna Kicks The North-American Leg Of Her "MDNA" Tour Into High Gear In Philly!

(PCM) I attended the kick-off for the North American leg of Madonna’s “MDNA” Tour last night at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA and without a doubt the show was one of the most spectacular that I have ever witnessed. From the elaborate stage design and set pieces to the beautifully choreographed dance routines the show was top notch from beginning to end. It was quite apparent that Madonna and crew spared no expense putting together this tour and fans are sure to be delighted, however if you are looking for a show that only showcases classic Madonna hits sing-a-long style than this will not be the show for you.

The “MDNA” tour set list consisted majorly of Madonnas’ newer material off her recently released “MDNA” album and a few amazing re-interpretations of her classic hits such as “Papa Don’t Preach”, “Open Your Heart”, and “Like A Virgin” to name a few.  She was sure to include hits such as “Express Yourself” which was mashed-up with Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” which was no doubt a dig at Lady Gaga in regards to the rumored “Born This Way” rip-off and “Vogue”  complete with a make-shift runway show of sorts.  The show got off to a late start which Madonna later apologized for stating that they had to work out a few kinks with the show after just coming back from overseas and she wanted everything to be perfect for the show, letting the crowd know that they deserved perfection and claiming she herself deserved perfection as well.

Madonna is known for constantly re-inventing herself and her performance on stage remains true to this characteristic. Though-out the course of the show she evoked many different characters some of which included club queen, rocker chick, drum majorette, sex symbol and a gun-toting assassin. Each of these characters had their part to play in creating the overall show all playing into the themes of darkness to light, anger to love, and chaos to order, all of which were defined by Madonna herself in her recently issued “MDNA Show Manifesto” which was put out by the star to help better explain what she is trying to accomplish with the show.  Any concert that comes complete with its’ own manifesto, is more that just a concert, the “MDNA” Tour is more along the lines of performance art at its’ finest.

Madonna sounded and looked fantastic. Critics can say what they want about her age however this woman has showed no signs of slowing down and was moving around the stage at the pace of a woman less than half her age. Her incredible physique was showcased several times throughout the show especially during her piano and vocal rendition of “Like A Virgin” where she stripped down to only a bra and the words “No Fear” are displayed on her back tattoo-style. It was truly a sight to behold! Another incredible highlight of the show was the gypsy-rendition of “Open Your Heart To Me” during which Madonna was backed by the Kalakan Basque Trio and featured an adorable dance solo from her 12-yr old son Rocco.

The show clocked in at about two hours and the performance closed with staple songs “Like A Prayer” which had Madonna backed with a choir of  singers and “Celebration” which ended the show on a party vibe. All in all it was a night of performance art perfection and comes with my highest recommendation to get out to a show.

For the latest Madonna news and information:

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Renee Yohe Talks BEARCAT And More With PCM!

(PCM) The name Renee Yohe may be familiar to you from all the support work the non-profit organization, To Write Love on Her Arms has done in her honor. Following the success of her acclaimed book, “A Purpose For The Pain,” which documents her journey from self-destruction to her new outlook on life through a series of heartbreaking and inspiring journal entries, Renee is now channeling all of her creative energy into her music career with her new band, BEARCAT.

Renee Yohe’s musical endeavor, BEARCAT, have released their self-titled debut EP on June 5th. The name Renee Yohe may be familiar to you from all the support work the non-profit organization, To Write Love on Her Arms has done in her honor; or from the film based on her story, Renee, starring Kat Dennings and Chad Michael Murray, which premiered at Florida Film Festival this Spring. From published books to film, connecting with others has always been important to Renee, and through BEARCAT, she is now able to do so using the most authentic platform, her music. Her hauntingly beautiful voice has already drawn comparison to Zooey Deschanel, Kate Nash, Fiona Apple and Adele by Filter Magazine, MTV Buzzworthy, The Insider, Hello Giggles, USA Today and Seventeen Magazine. You can  purchase it on iTunes, here:

Q: Can you share with us a bit about how BEARCAT came together?

Renee Yohe: Well, it was a long process in the making (although many other artists or bands have certainly had much longer histories). In a nutshell when I was finally ready to step outside of my comfort zone and pursue singing I was fortunate to find just the right mix of people, we rode it out for about a year and then a lot of changes came my way… a lot of things fell through and some incredible opportunities came up for me, I was signed as a solo artist and brought some awesome guys with me and here we are!

Q: How do you feel about comparisons being made between you and Fiona Apple and Zooey Deschanel on a musical level? Who are some of your top musical influences?

RY: It’s honestly pretty mind blowing… I would never consider myself to be anywhere near their level, but it’s certainly flattering as I love them both very much, I actually don’t like many female vocalists and they happen to be some of the very few. I lived off of Extraordinary Machine for a very long time… so, I’d say it’s a huge compliment, but I would certainly hope to make a mark of my own. I’d say I’m majorly influenced by Doris Day, Fiona Apple, Patrick Watson and a lot of fifties/sixties soul.

Q: How would you best describe your music to a first time listener?

RY: Hmm.. that’s a good question, I’m not really good at describing it to people when they ask, I guess I’d rather they just give it a listen and decide for themselves, it’s awkward to try and label yourself or categorize your heart, I think it’s just a little bit of everything that I love. Haha It’s been described as jazzy sixties, soulful pop?

Q: Personally, I like to view music as a universal language that we can all speak and understand even if we take different messages away, is there anything in particular that you hope your music speaks to listeners?

RY: I think that would be an ever evolving thing, I say it a lot because it’s true, that we create out of necessity. I guess maybe it would stress the significance of allowing yourself to just be.

Q: Can you talk about your upcoming touring plans for this spring into summer? Are you looking forward to hitting the road with Never Shout Never?

RY: I’m beyond excited and probably in a state of shock just a bit, I don’t think I can fully fathom that I’m about to be on tour. We’re covering a pretty good variety of the states, and after our tour with NSN we’ve been invited to join up with Craig Owens for a few weeks. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun, a lot of stupid petty fights in our little van, some incredible memories, hopefully we’ll walk away with some awesome friendships and of course, I can’t wait to introduce my music to our audience and have a chance to really connect with them!

Q: The film “Renee” based upon your life story is coming out soon. Did you have any hesitations about the film? How active are you with the production?

RY: I was initially just kind of intrigued by this fantastical dream, the idea of sharing my experience with a larger audience was really exciting and at times terrifying. In spite of the attention TWLOHA had received I still kind of maintained a level of anonymity and the idea of a film would potentially annihilate that. I was wary of people forgetting that “based on” means it’s not entirely true, that they weren’t really going to know the real me… being misrepresented or portrayed in a way that didn’t fit was a bit scary… making a shitty movie was a bit scary, haha. I think mostly I just didn’t want people to look at me as an example, just someone sharing their experience. I worked as a story consultant when the script was initially written, but other than that my involvement was very limited.

Q: With the film and TWLOHA, what is like to know that your life has had such an influence on people?

RY: I don’t think I’ll ever really understand the extent that my experience has impacted others, I’m really humbled and so incredibly grateful that it has, but for the most part I’m almost absurdly oblivious, but I think I prefer it that way.

Q: What is the writing process like for you? What types of situations inspire you artistically?

RY: It’s pretty quick, I either feel something and have an idea, or I don’t. I’m kind of like that with everything, I’m well aware that I’m pretty extreme. If something in my life experiences or relationships needs to be let out, and I’m feeling inspired or passionate about something then it just happens.

Q: Do you have a dream artist that you would like to share a stage or collaborate with one day?

RY: I’ve always loved and admired David Bazan and Patrick Watson, I would love very much to share a stage or collaborate with either one of them. There’s probably a bunch of others, but they always pop into my head first. Other than that, I’d love to collaborate with some badass rapper and do something way out of left field.

Q: What are some of your goals for 2012?

RY: Honestly, I just want to immerse myself in my music, to pursue what I love whole heartedly, and continue to learn and grow as a human being.

Q: Being that we are pop culture web site, is there a particular area of pop culture that angers or fascinates you?

RY: It’s hard to say, I’m really oblivious. I think it’s fascinating to observe people in general, to examine the people in the spotlight so to speak, imagine their true lives as regular human beings… it’s fascinating to see the duality in our culture as they appoint individuals as role models or icons or celebrities for whatever reason with this hope they will inspire and be something incredible, and simultaneously sit on the edge of their seats waiting for them to screw up so they can rip them apart for being human. I hate the lies, the judgement and condemnation, the pressure to perform a role, and I love the stubborn resilience of those that fight to live their own path on their own terms and just be honest. I guess I have a lot more to say than I thought, but I think I’ll keep it at that.

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DeLuna Fest Announces Daily Line-Up And New Amenities

DeLuna Fest is proud to announce the daily performance schedule for their third annual music and beach festival. Headlining the festival Friday, September 21st, Pearl Jam will be joined by Ben Folds Five, Gaslight Anthem, Trampled by Turtles and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Rounding out Saturday, September 22nd, Foo Fighters will headline, with Joan Jett, Jimmy Cliff, Joy Formidable, Band of Horses, Bad Brains and Diplo. Closing the festival on Sunday, September 23rd, Zac Brown Band is joined by Florence and the Machine and Fitz and the Tantrums. DeLuna Fest is also excited to announce the Red Bull MTX Stage which will be located near the Main Stage and will host a variety of DJ’s to keep fans dancing during stage changeover. A full daily schedule for more than 60 bands can be found on the DeLuna Fest website at:

The Red Bull MTX Stage will showcase local and regional DJ artists including DJ Mr. Lao, Tony C, DJ D-Funk, Ram-Z, Davis Pratt, Megan Davis, Kosmonot, Trey Stein, Casualfunk and Bad Penny. Adding to the previously announced performances by DJ Jazzy Jeff, Diplo, Paper Diamond, 12th Planet and AC Slater, the Red Bull MTX Stage will help fill the appetites of Electronic Music fans. Featuring flat screen TV’s, performance speakers, and LED lights, the MTX Stage facilitates a dynamic and invigorating live dance party during set-breaks on the Main Stage.

The Dock Stage Presented by Clear Channel will host a diverse variety of music throughout the weekend. The stage is centrally located inside an old-Florida open-air restaurant and will feature an open mic/ karaoke lounge. A popular destination for music discovery, The Dock will also showcase performances from burgeoning acts like The Woolly Bushmen, Maggie Rose, Chris Staples and Jon Pardi.

With four stages, two rising directly out of the sand on the water’s edge of the Gulf of Mexico, DeLuna Fest offers the ultimate end-of-summer festival experience. The festival features a world-class lineup of national headliners and regional favorites plus unique amenities like the previously announced NBC Sports Group Lounge – Presented by MediaCom, mini-golf, assorted vendors, open-air restaurants and more. DeLuna Fest is accessible by car and boat, and located only 15 minutes from the Pensacola International airport. A shuttle service will be available for attendees traveling from downtown Pensacola or staying on either end of Pensacola Beach’s Santa Rosa Island.

Tickets are currently on sale through Front Gate Tickets for $199.95, and VIP ticket packages are also available online for $849.95. VIP pass holders enjoy premier stage viewing, access to the VIP Beach Club Lounge, private air-conditioned bathrooms and more.

For information on DeLuna Fest including lodging, shuttle services and VIP packages, visit

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The Honda Civic Tour Review Featuring Linkin Park And Incubus

(PCM)This year’s Honda Civic tour featured the incredible talent of both Linkin Park and Incubus, along with openers MuteMath and definitely offered one of the best touring packages on the summer. Both Linkin Park and Incubus could sell out stadium shows on their own accord, so to feature these two powerhouse bands together on the same stage made for one truly epic night of music.

The Honda Civic tour stopped at the Susquehanna Bank Center in  Camden, NJ on 8/17/12 and while I had my reservations about how the fans of both of these band’s were going to get along, I was pleasantly surprised to see die-hard Linkin Park fans rocking out to Incubus and on the flip-side die-hard Incubus fans rocking out to Linkin Park. I supposed it can be summed up best to say that good music is good music and a great performance is a great performance and each band does a fantastic job in each of those areas. The sheer number of hits between both of these band’s is mind-blowing and everyone in the house knew they were in-store for a fantastic show.

PCM had a chance to speak with both Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and Brandon Boyd of Incubus prior to the start of the tour, you can view that feature by clicking here!

Openers MuteMath got things off to a great start with their style of groove-ridden psychedelic rock. The band’s music takes listeners on an emotional and sonic journey of sound and it is certainly recommended to get to the Honda Civic tour early to be sure that you don’t miss their incredible albeit short opening set.

With the threat of rain looming Incubus took to the stage and began their solid 17-song set with “Adolescents” and “Nice To Know You nicely setting the pace for the rest of their fantastic performance. Front-man Brandon Boyd has one of the most gorgeous voices in current rock and the band’s music has a truly timeless feel, that especially carries over well to the live setting. Incubus’s set consisted of a healthy dose of hits that spanned the bands’ extensive catalog and some additional highlights included “Megalomanic”, “Dig”, “Drive”, “Anna Molly” and “Sick Sad Little World”.

Despite a torrential down-pour of rain that forced many off of the Susquehanna Bank center lawn, what I was able to catch of Linkin Park’s set was fantastic. I am a long-time fan of the band and I was thrilled to see that their set consisted of a great mix of old and new material with the band opening up with “A Place For My Head” and “Given Up”! The rain began to fall pretty heavily right after “Victimized” off of the band’s latest album “Living Things” so much of what was played after that, I was able to hear, but could not see.  Other songs included in their set were “Points Of Authority”, “Breaking The Habit”, “Lies Greed Misery”, “Burn It Down”, and a delightful mash-up tribute to the Beastie Boys featuring their own “Bleed It Out” with the Beastie Boys “Sabotage” to close out their set.The band’s performance was A+ with Chester Bennington screaming his heart out and Mike Shinoda’s rapping being completely on-point, Linkin Park are true performers in every sense of the word and appeared to be enjoying every moment spent on stage.

With such stellar performances from all bands on the bill, the Honda Civic Tour 2012 is certainly not one to miss. I highly recommend going to check out a show whenever the tour rolls into a city near you!

For more information about the Honda Civic Tour click here!

For the latest news and updates from Linkin Park click here!

For the latest news and updates from Incubus click here!

For the latest news and updates from MuteMath click here!

Words by: Kristyn Clarke
Photography by: Ken Schuler/

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