Album Review: Stone Sour “House Of Gold & Bones — Part 1”

(PCM) What I love so much about Stone Sour is the amount of raw emotion put forth within their music. It is their goal to evoke emotion out of the listener be that positive or negative and when listening to this album or any of their previous release for that matter, you are going to feel something. That ability to cause a reaction in the listener is what is missing from so many of today’s cookie cutter albums and I applaud Stone Sour for never being afraid to take a risk.

Stone Sour’s latest release “House of Gold & Bones – Part 1” is the first chapter in a two-part concept story that follows a man at the precipice in his life both spiritually and psychologically. Lyrically his journey is absolutely fascinating, as we feel for a man that is choosing whether to be haunted by his past or move forward with the rest of his life. “House Of Gold & Bones” overall is a complete multimedia project which includes a Dark Horse Comics series, online interactivity, artistic packaging, and live shows where each creative element will further expand upon the overall story.  “House Of Gold & Bones –Part 2” is scheduled for release in early 2013 via Roadrunner Records.

Lyrically with this album Corey Taylor is at his best. The album ebbs and flows with emotional ups and down and Taylor has the incredible ability to simultaneously envoke every emotion from anger and aggression to hope and tears all within the same album. It is brilliant. Sonically the album features some incredible guitar work from both Jim Root and Josh Rand along with superior bass skills  from Skid Row’s Rachel Bolan. Tracks such as “Absolute Zero”, “My Name is Allen”, “Taciturn” and “The Travelers Pt. 1” showcase Stone Sours’ prowess as a band and are without a doubt my top picks from the album.

Even if you are not following the “House Of Gold & Bones” story line, the songs on the album can still entirely stand on their own which is great for those that just wanted to listen to some killer tracks, but for those that wish to dig a bit deeper the album offers up that chance as well.

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