Interview With Steven Adler And Lonny Paul Of ADLER

(PCM) ADLER is the absolute must-hear new band formed and fronted by former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler along with vocalist Jacob Bunton, guitarist Lonny Paul and bassist Johnny Martin.  They have recently unleashed their amazing debut album “Back From The Dead” that features the killer singles “The One That You Hated” and “Good To Be Bad” the latter which features guest guitar work from John 5. It should also be noted that Steven’s former Guns N’ Rose bandmate Slash also makes an appearance on the record lending guitar work to the track “Just Don’t Ask”.

Kristyn Clarke recently had a chance to chat with both Steven Adler and Lonny Paul about the new album, upcoming touring plans, and more!  Listen to the interview below:

Listen to PCM’s Interview With ADLER Here!
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We can certainly hope to see some touring from ADLER into 2013 and definitely be sure to pick up a copy of the band’s stellar debut album, trust us, as rock fans your won’t regret it!

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