Exclusive Interview With Continents! Band Premieres New Video For “Idle Hands”


(PCM) South Wales hardcore quintet CONTINENTS have debuted a dark, intense music video for the title track from their forthcoming album Idle Hands, out January 22ndWatch “Idle Hands” exclusively through VEVO.

Vocalist Phil Cross took a few minutes to answers some questions for PCM’s Kristyn Clarke, check out the interview below:

Q: I am sure you are busy gearing up for the upcoming release of “Idle Hands” on 1/22. What should fans be expecting? Any big plans for release day?

Phil Cross: We have written our heaviest material to date. It’s got a bit of everything in it, still has the hooks as like Trials did but also has a bit of a raw hardcore sound in parts, while still keeping the metalcore approach. If you’re into The Ghost Inside, While She Sleeps, Architects, and Emmure you can get the idea of what to expect. When it’s released we will probably go out and get drunk to celebrate its release.

Q: What was the most challenging part of the recording process for “Idle Hands”?

Phil Cross: For myself, I would say the vocals, as we had to do the album in 3 weeks. I wanted to put everything I had into the album, having never actually recorded a full length before tested me big time; there were times where I thought I wasn’t going to finish it. Literally I would get up go into the booth sometimes spend 6+ hours straight until I was happy with what I came out with. And always coming up with new ideas at the same time.

Q: Who brings what to the table creatively? What are some of your biggest artistic inspirations?

Phil Cross: I would have to say Darryl is probably the main writer in the band, riff wise he’s very creative, and he was also a drummer in his old band so he knows what he’s looking for. He then brings us in as he can get carried away and has the tendency to think way, WAY outside of the box, so we have to calm him down haha. I write all the lyrics and I’ll always call in friends to see what they think, I like to get outsiders opinion on things. I’m into bands like The Movielife, The Hope Conspiracy, a lot of hardcore like Knuckledust, Sick of it All and some old school pop punk. I’ll listen to anything, not just metal or punk. I’m very open which I think is very important as a musician.

Q: Do you have any touring plans for 2013?

Phil Cross: We have a few UK tours coming up and are going back to Europe all in the next 3 months. We’ve got stuff in the works for some other places just waiting for them to all be confirmed.

Q: Do you have a dream artist that you would love to share a stage with one day? If you could create your own dream festival, what would the line-up look like?

Phil Cross: I would love to play with Slipknot one day that would be intense. Touring with Parkway Drive or Bring Me the Horizon would be cool. Slipknot, Parkway Drive, Lamb of God, Comeback Kid, The Ghost Inside, Sick of It All, Emmure, Machine Head, Strife, Newfound Glory , Stray From The Path, A Day To Remember, TRC, The Movielife, The Hope Conspiracy, a dance tent for myself and the Old school Drive Thru records stage! Haha that would be amazing.

Q: How will “Idle Hands” differ from your previous albums? Did you try anything experimental in the studio?

Phil Cross: This is our first album so everything was new but we did get the chance to try some stuff we thought we never could, like the big singalong ending on “Land of the Free”. Our producer was very laid back so if we wanted to mess round in the evening trying stuff we could. I worked a lot more on my pronunciation of words also this time while recording.

Q: What has been one of your most memorable moments as a band?

Phil Cross: Probably playing Ghostfest! It was always a dream of mine to play that festival, so when we get the message that we were asked to play it with no agency or anything, we were really stoked. Signing with Victory Records two weeks before Ghostfest came out of the blue for us in the best way. The signing got us recognition, and the stage we played at Ghostfest was so packed that people couldn’t get in, and once you were in you couldn’t get out, it was crazy.

Q: How do you feel about the uprise of social media as a tool for artist promotion? What is the best way for us to keep up to date with the band?

Phil Cross: Social media plays a big part with the music industry. It’s all well and good playing shows, but if you can’t afford to get over the other side of the world or can’t afford to tour even your own country, how else can bands get their name out there to places they have not been before? It’s a tough industry. You can keep up to date with us via the Victory Records site or www.facebook.com/continentsband.

Q: Being that we are a pop-culture based web site and engrossed in all things pop-culture, is there anything in particular you guys can’t get enough of these days? (TV, music, etc)

Phil Cross: We are all huge fans of “The Inbetweeners” it’s hilarious. I’m into “The Misfits”, which is about a small town that suffered a huge lightening storm and now everyone has all these powers. It’s funny in parts but can be dark in other parts, its way too good.

Q: What are your main goals for 2013?

Phil Cross: We just want to tour as much as possible and get the album out there. Hopefully we’ll jump on to some decent festivals during summer. We just hope people enjoy what we have written and buy the album. Pre order IDLE HANDS now over at Victory Records and check out all of our newest merch designs. Come see us when we come play in your hometown!

With a loyal fan base in tow, CONTINENTS will take to the streets beginning February 21st in Cardiff, UK for a four city run to celebrate their new release. They will play their album from front to back, showing off their impressively catchy riffs, monstrous breakdowns and infectious melodies. See a full listing of tour dates here.

Their forthcoming album Idle Hands will release on January 22nd and is available for pre-order through the Victory Records’ webstore. Packages start as low as $19.98 and include a CD, poster and t-shirt; for an additional $2.00 fans can swap out the CD for a slick purple putty or clear with black smoke vinyl. Order now and add additional CONTINENTS merchandise at a discounted price.



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