Flyleaf, Drowning Pool, and Stars In Stereo Complete Concert Coverage And Exclusive Interviews!

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(PCM) It has been nearly two years since Flyleaf has hit the road and when we learned they were hitting Philadelphia along with Drowning Pool and Stars In Stereo we knew this was a cant miss show!  This tour was special run for the bands because it  marked the debut of  two new singers, welcoming Flyleaf’s Kristen May and Drowning Pool’s Jasen Moreno.

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Stars in Stereo are steady on their way to becoming true road warriors having shared a bill with the likes of The Used and Blue October and they certainly know how to get the party started and rocking. The bands self-titled debut album will hit stores this April but if you get out to a show it can be yours now! Known for incorporating some amazing covers into their set such as “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails, Stars In Stereo really wowed me with a gorgeous rendition of “Dream On” by Aerosmith. I loved the digital screens in the box that pumped to the rhythm of the music. Stars In Stereo provide a high-energy performance and really appear to be having an absolute blast on stage.

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I was able to catch up with Jordan and Bec of Stars In Stereo to discuss their hopes for the current tour, the recording process for their debut album, and much, much more!  Watch the full interview below:

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Texas rockers Drowning Pool without a doubt know how to withstand the test of time. Despite the tragedy and line-up changes Drowning Pool have been going strong for ten years and show absolutely no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The band’s single “Saturday Night”, which I have to note is a major crowd pleaser in the live atmosphere, has been steady climbing at rock radio and it if that is any taste as to what is in store for us from Drowning Pool for the rest of this year then we are definitely in for a treat. Drowning Pool have always thrived in the live setting and this band truly comes alive once they have taken the stage. They absolutely brought down the house with their hard-rocking assault and new vocalist Jasen Moreno did a fabulous just taking on the reins.

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Flyleaf with new vocalist Kristen May are currently touring behind their latest album release”New Horizons” and there absolutely could not be a more fitting title. They have been off the road for nearly two years and with the departure of previous vocalist Lacey there is definitely a lot of “new” on their horizon lately. Flyleaf sounded very fresh and well-rehearsed and the crowd was completely amped and ready to rock out with the band the second that they took to the stage. The band performed a solid mix of tracks off “New Horizons”, as well as, plenty of fan favorites and we can only hope that Flyleaf is back to stay and will continue to tour throughout the rest of 2013.

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I had a chance to catch up with Jared and Kristen of Flyleaf to discuss the current tour, the fans reception to the band’s new album, and more! Watch the full interview below:

Review and Interviews by: Kristyn Clarke
Photography by: Mike Sievila

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