Tour Odyssey Rolls Into Baltimore, MD! Exclusive Interviews With The Dirty Heads And Shiny Toy Guns


(PCM) The Tour Odyssey made its stop in Baltimore, Md at Rams Head Live. The tour featured an incredibly interesting array of bands such as Oh No Fiasco, Midi Matilda, along with headliners Shiny Toy Guns and The Dirty Heads.


This line-up alone squashes any type of stereotypical genre pairings you would normally expect to see if you went to see these bands individually and it made for one truly awesome concert experience. The venue was packed with an equal number of fans for both The Shiny Toy Guns and The Dirty Heads.


When I stepped outside for some air I overhead several people saying: ‘Oh I am a huge fan of Shiny Toy Guns and my friend just loves The Dirty Heads, so this was a great bill for both of us to enjoy’. Those sentiments seemed to carry throughout the whole venue with everyone being appreciative for a solid billing with two incredibly talented bands.


Shiny Toy Guns took to the stage with a spectacle of smoke and lights blasting into “Carrie” followed by “Ghost Town” to the delight of the crowd. The band provides the perfect balance of both rock and electronica that is sure to thoroughly entertain fans of both styles. The stage presence of Shiny Toy Guns is phenomenal and they are sounding very fresh and ready to rock! The Shiny Toys Guns are currently touring behind their latest album release “III” and if tonight’s performance is any indication on where the band headed in the future we are certainly in for an aural and visual treat.


I had a chance to catch up with Jeremy and Carah of Shiny Toy Guns prior to their performance to discuss the current tour, plans for new music, and more! Watch the full interview below:

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Despite the freezing cold temps outside The Dirty Heads provide music that envelops the listener like a warm summer day. With their smooth reggae and hip-hop vibe they had the audience grooving along with each and every song. The band is currently on the road in support of their latest album release “Cabin By The Sea” . The Dirty Heads supplied good vibes throughout their entire high energy set, they are just a lot of fun to watch live. I don’t often dance at a show but The Dirty Heads definitely had me bopping around the floor to their infectious melodies and grooves!  By the end of their set I was very sad to have to exit back into freezing cold reality.


I was able to catch up with Jared Watson of The Dirty Heads just prior to their performance to discuss the band’s current album, thoughts on the music industry, and more! You can watch the full interview below:

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Words and interview by: Kristyn Clarke
All photography credit: Ken Schuler

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