Darius Rucker Responds To A Racist Tweet

(PCM) Former Hootie & The Blowfish star Darius Rucker had a mini war of words with a @pqkullman responding to a racist twitter comment that took aim at the singer for covering a classic Bob Dylan song, “Wagon Wheel” at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. The Dylan song is the first single from his new “True Believers” album.

But one music lover, identified as @pqkullman on Twitter, wasn’t happy with the use of the Dylan song and tweeted: “@dariusrucker Leave country to the white folk.”

Rucker obviously angered by the post responded, “WOW… is this 2013 or 1913?”

He added, “Ill take my grand ole Opry membership and leave your racism. Wow.”

pqpullman’s twitter account has disappeared as of this writing.

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