KORN Tops The Charts With The Release Of ” The Paradigm Shift”!


(PCM) KORN has once again reached the top of the charts for the 12th time with the release of the their absolutely stellar new album “The Paradigm Shift“, which entered the Billboard charts at an impressive #8.


It is no surprise at all that the album has debuted to such great response, as I think it is without a doubt some of the most solid work that we have heard from the band and is wonderful addition to the band’s incredible legacy of hard rocking and influential music.


KORN has never been afraid to take a risk, much as we saw with the 2011 release of the band’s metal dub-step hybrid album “The Path of Totality”, but it always seems to work out in their favor. Despite what some critics might have said, I thought “The Path of Totality” was brilliant and now with “The Paradigm Shift” we see KORN shifting back to their earlier sound, but not without some growth and maturity along the way. “The Paradigm Shift” also marks the return of co-founding guitarist Brian “Head” Welch to the band and that may also give the album a certain sense of familiarity.


KORN have always done an amazing job of being both original and ground-breaking with their music and stand-out tracks from “The Paradigm Shift” include an almost homage to each era of the band’s career especially with tracks such as “What We Do”, “Paranoid and Aroused”, and “Lullaby For A Sadist”.


I, for one, absolutely can’t wait to catch more of these tracks in the live environment. I did get a small taste during the band’s recent performance at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA and the band is sounding as tight as ever! It was one of the best performances from KORN that I have seen and I absolutely can’t wait until they are back in our neck of the woods again at the end of November. I saw the band prior to the release of the new album, so perhaps we will get to hear/see even more tracks off “The Paradigm Shift” on the upcoming “Night Of The Living Dreads Tour” with Rob Zombie.


Also, catch the band on November 1 for the premiere episode of the Award-winning music television series “Guitar Center Sessions” at 9pm ET/ 10pm PT exclusively on DIRECTV’s Audience Network (channel 239).

Photography credit: Mike Sievila

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