Concert Review: Reverend Horton Heat Ignites In Philly


(PCM) We recently attended the Reverend Horton Heat show at Philly’s historic Trocadero Theater and I have to say that it was the most amount a fun I have had at a show in quite some time.

Reverend Horton Heat brought along openers The Creepshow and Nekromantix and a very special guest Deke Dickerson. Despite the snow and freezing cold temperatures outside, the pyschobilly fire was definitely blazing full force inside once these amazing bands took to the stage.


Reverend Horton Heat are currently touring behind their recently released new album “Rev” and only appear to be getting better and better with age. The “Rev” marks the band’s eleventh album release and the feedback that it has been receiving thus far has been fantastic. The trio that make up Reverend Horton Heat, Jim Heath (guitar and vocals), Jimbo Wallace (stand-up bass) and Scott Churilla (drums) put on an incredibly engaging performance and do an absolutely phenomenal job of keeping the rockabilly genre alive and kicking within the musical realm.

It was incredible watch the crowd as they interacted with the music, not just during Reverend Horton Heat’s set, but during both Necromantix and The Creepshow as well. The songs from all three bands made you want to get up, let loose and dance your heart out, which was definitely what was happening throughout majority of the evening on the Trocadero floor.


While Jim may have toned down a few elements of his show over the years, one thing definitely remains the same and that is that the music and the performance is fun. Everyone appeared to be thoroughly enjoying themselves and whether the Rev is snarling or smiling he and the rest of the band are without a doubt showing everyone a damn good time.

Photography credit: Ken Schuler

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