Excision And Dirty Phonics Nearly Blow The Roof Off The Electric Factory…Literally!

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(PCM) I think I may have truly had a once in a lifetime experience when attending the recent Excision show at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA. It was the first time that I can say that I have literally felt the music. Once Excision dropped the first notes of bass, I could feel my esophagus rattle and my hair follicles felt as if they were moving by an unseen force. It was definitely one of the most intense feelings I have ever experienced while attending a show.


Not only was it just the sound, but Excision added some of the most incredible visual elements to the show with his famous Executioner stage set up. It was mind-blowing!


Both Excision and openers Dirty Phonics filled the room with an atmosphere of raw and unbridled energy and it was like nothing I have ever witnessed. They certainly didn’t call this tour The 150,000 Watts Tour for nothing. It was by far and away the absolute loudest show I have ever attended. Fair warning, ear plugs are a very, very good investment for this show. There were times when the music was so loud it was a bit disorienting, but that only added to the experience of literally being swept up completely in the sound. Both Excision and Dirty Phonics killed it on stage and certainly left fans with quite a memorable concert experience.


Being the hardcore rock and metal fan that I am, it is always a fascinating experience for me to experience a show that is a bit outside the box for me personally and in the end I am always glad that I did. Attending an EDM show, which in this case happened to be Excision, is like entering a different world whose inhabitants exist primarily to love one another, dance and have a good time. They are so embracing. It reminds me very much of a modern era version of the hippie movement from the 1960’s. Instead of jam bands and folk rock it is now DJ’s and computers, parents still don’t understand it and all of the kids want to be a part of it.

Photography credit: Ken Schuler Photography


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