HIM Perform To A Sold-Out Crowd In Philly! Review And Photos!


Outside the TLA on South Street in Philadelphia, tons of green clad revelers were drinking the Saturday night before St. Patrick’s Day. Inside was even more crowded as HIM and Anathema sold out the TLA.



Anathema went on stage right on time at 8pm.  They are a progressive rock band from Liverpool, England with a similar style to some of HIM’s music, making this a good opener for this show.  The third song they played was called “Untouchable”, which they told the audience could be downloaded free off of their website (http://www.anathema.ws/).  They also played “A Simple mistake” and “Fragile Dreams”.  They played about a forty minute set; the crowed really liked them but was anxiously awaiting HIM.


HIM is a tough band to put into a genre so they sort of invented their own, referred to as “Love-Metal”, which generally fits. Lead singer Ville Valo captivates the audience with his baritone vocals while the band flawlessly backs him up. HIM fans are really die-hard.  They dress like the band members, go to dozens of shows, and even get tattoos just like the band members have.


The award winning band HIM from Finland entered the stage to the screams of their adoring fans.  They played crowd pleasers like “Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly” and “Right Here in My Arms” along with a couple songs from their latest album Tears on Tape, which was released nearly a year ago.  They included the title track “Tears on Tape” and “All Lips Go Blue”. This tour the band will travel through North and South America until April, making up shows that were canceled last spring due to Valo having a respiratory illness.  HIM’s fans were thrilled to see them back in Philadelphia and as usual HIM’s performance did not disappoint them.

Review and photos by: Megan C. Brooks

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