Album Review: “The Hunting Party” from Linkin Park


(PCM) I have to say that I was absolutely giddy after listening to the new album from Linkin Park and all I will thinking while listening to “The Hunting Party” is Linkin Park is back…they are finally back! Without a doubt this is a rock record and I, for one, was thrilled to see the band ditch the overly-processed sound of their last two albums and really return to their roots.

Found within “The Hunting Party” is an absolutely stellar mix of punk, rock, rap, and heavy metal all brilliantly executed and chock full of raw power and aggression. It is truly the most in-your-face album that we have seen from Linkin Park in quite some time and after listening to the tracks that make up “The Hunting Party” you will be left with no doubt that, that aggression was more than ready to be unleashed.

The album’s opening track “Keys To The Kingdom” sears the listener with an electric jolt to the senses and nicely sets the pace for what is in-store for the rest of the album. Linkin Park started things hard and heavy with “The Hunting Party” and I was thrilled that the album never really seems to lose any steam from start to finish.

The track I am probably most impressed with is “War” where the band tackled the punk rock sound and attitude flawlessly. Another high-note from the album is the track “Mark Your Graves” where vocalist Chester Bennington truly showcases his range as a singer.

The new album also features quite a few guests which is a first for Linkin Park and they include Helmet’s Page Hamilton on “All For Nothing”, System of A Down’s Daron Malakian on “Rebellion” and Tom Morello on “Drawbar”.  All of which do a fantastic job adding in a bit of their flavor to some absolutely fantastic tracks.

It is amazing that with “The Hunting Party” being Linkin Park’s sixth studio album that the band certainly still have some surprises up their sleeves. Anyone who ever doubted that Linkin Park can still rock really needs to check out the the new album as I assure you their rock n’ roll spirit is very much alive and well. The band claimed that with “The Hunting Party” they were on the “hunt” to bring back the energy and soul to rock music. All I can say is…mission accomplished boys!  You nailed it!

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