New Politics Talk Firefly Festival, MoumentTour And More!


All photography credit: Ken Schuler

(PCM) PCM’s Kristyn Clarke recently had the opportunity to catch up with New Politics while out at the Firefly Music Festival which recently took place at The Woodlands in Dover, DE.

New Politics hail from Copenhagen, Denmark and are certainly creating quite a bit of buzz throughout the musical realm. The band brings so many various elements to their sound that it is incredibly difficult to box them into one particular genre or another, but we can say one thing for sure….a New Politics performance is always a good time!


The band tore up the stage at Firefly and even treated us to a little impromptu Justin Timberlake cover towards the end of their set!  Be sure to catch the band out on the road this summer with both Fall Out Boy and Paramore as part of the epic MonumentTour!

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