Woman With A Baby Thrown Out Of Brad Paisley Concert


(PCM) The news that a woman has been thrown out of a recent Brad Paisley concert for having a baby strapped to her in the pit area in front of the stage has been stirring up quite a debate online.

The woman, who also had another child with her at the show who appeared to be about 10, was escorted from the “pit” area by venue security because local police felt that she was endangering the baby that was strapped to her chest by being too close to the speakers. The child was not wearing any sort of ear protection.

The incident appears to have taken place prior to Paisely taking the stage at the Sleep Train Amphitheater in Chula Vista, CA, however the opening artists had already performed.

The woman was enraged about being asked to leave the “pit area” with her children and proceeded to take out her phone and begin filming the back and forth that went on between herself, venue security and local police.

The woman felt that the true reason she was asked to leave the show was because she was breast-feeding her baby in the “pit” earlier in the evening and was asked to stop by venue security.  The local police say they only had the baby’s safety in mind and it had nothing to do with a woman’s right to breast-feed in public.

I have chime in here and say from my own person experience attending hundreds and hundreds of concerts over the years, the sound decibels in “pit” area or really anywhere inside an amphitheater are incredibly loud and would most definitely pose a danger to a baby’s still developing ears. I am going to have to side with local police and venue security on this one.

I have seen plenty of young children out at shows, but all of them have always had very large headphones on protect their hearing, even at outdoor festivals nowhere near the speakers…I could not even imagine having a baby that close to the speakers inside the pit.

The woman was given the option to move to seats located in a safer area of the venue or she could leave and be refunded for the tickets. She chose to leave and receive the refund and her and her other child were seen crying as they exited the venue.

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