In With Beyonce’s Costumes And Out With DJ Alan Freed’s Ashes


(PCM) It is this type of story that just gets under my skin. It has recently been reported that The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio has opened up a new exhibit featuring many costumes and other memorabilia from Beyonce.

However, as they were rolling in Beyonce’s many costumes, including the black leotard featured in her 2008 hit video for “Single Ladies”, one piece of true rock n’ roll memorabilia was being ushered out.

The urn containing the ashes of the late DJ Alan Freed was removed from the museum just days before the Beyonce exhibit was set to open. In case you were wondering, Freed is the man who is credited with coining the actual term “rock n’ roll”.  His ashes were placed in the Hall Of Fame about 12 years ago.

According to “Freed started playing R&B records on his Cleveland radio show in 1951, a time when stations that targeted white listeners ignored black artists. He called it ‘rock ‘n’ roll. His ‘Moondog Coronation Ball’ at the Cleveland Arena in March 1956 is considered the first major rock concert.”

Why in the world the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame would feel the need to remove such a significant piece of rock n’ roll history is beyond me.  When asked for a comment about the removal of Freed’s ashes, the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame’s executive director claimed “Rock n’ roll isn’t just about yesterday. It continues to evolve, and we continue to embrace it and refine our operations.”

My argument is that you are a museum that showcases rock n’ roll history. While yes, I can agree that history is always being written, we certainly don’t want those that helped pave the way to be forgotten. It is more of a matter of respect than evolution.

Freed’s family are in search of a new place to keep the urn and allow fans to pay their respects.


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