Paris Hilton Makes $2.7 Million For Pushing A Button?!?!

Paris-Hilton1Photo credit: AFP

(PCM) Recently, heiress Paris Hilon embarked on a DJing world tour that included stops in St. Tropez and Ibiza in Spain to name a few. What is sparking some controversy is the amount of money that Hilton is being paid to literally push a button on her “DJ set-up” while a slew of other people do all the work.

During her DJing residency at a club in Ibiza for four nights she was paid the ridiculous amount of $2.7 million which equals out to about $347,000 per hour. Critics claim that all she really did was push play on a mega mix of pre-recorded material while other workers took care of the technical aspects.

While it was obvious that the crowds did appear to be enjoying DJ Paris Hilton’s set, could it be more for her celeb factor than her actually DJing skills? Hilton was also recently slammed for claiming that she was one of the top five highest paid DJs in the world. However, with paydays like $2.7 million being tossed her way, she may actually not be exaggerating.

Hilton’s DJing tour will take her to Barcelona, South Korea, Columbia, and Marbella before wrapping up at Harrah’s Pool After Dark in Atlantic City, NJ on October 11th.

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