Album Review: Flyleaf “Between The Stars”

Between-The-Stars-640x640(PCM) Multi-platinum hard rockers Flyleaf are gearing up for the release of their fourth studio album “Between The Stars” which will be available on September 16th via Loud & Proud Records.

It is quite apparent when listening to the new album that a lot of heart and soul went into its’ creation. Flyleaf truly let it all out with this album and out of the 12 songs that make up “Between The Stars” it was difficult to find one that wasn’t up to speed.

The band made up of Kristen May (vocals), Sameer Bhatacharya (guitars), Jared Hartmann (guitars), Pat Seals (bass) and James Culpepper (drums) worked with famed producer Don Gilmore, who has worked with artist such as Pearl Jam and Linkin Park in the past.

Songs such as “Thread”, “City Kids”, and the albums closer “Home” truly showcase May’s ability as a singer. Her vocals echo so much emotion that the listener can literally feel the music when listening. While the band did not take too many risks with their signature sound on the new album, their writing has definitely stepped up quite a bit. The lyrics are both honest and emotional hitting hard at just the right moments.

It is apparent when listening to the album that Flyleaf has had quite a bit on their minds these days and releasing an album like “Between The Stars” seems like the perfect way to air out those emotions and share their thoughts and feelings with the rest of the world.

The band has the uncanny ability to create a hard and heavy album without losing a certain level of pop sensibility that is just astounding. I absolutely can’t wait to hear some of these tracks live!

On “Between The Stars” there is sure to be a track (or more) that connects emotionally with the listener and the band has done a phenomenal job with their latest effort.

“Between The Stars” track listing is as follows:

1. Set Me On Fire

2. Magnetic

3. Traitor

4. Platonic

5. Head Underwater

6. Sober Serenade

7. Thread

8. Marionette

9. Well Of Lies

10. City Kids

11. Blue Roses

12. Home



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