Lee Ann Womack Gear Up For The Release Of Provocative New Music Video


(PCM) When Lee Ann Womack agreed to do a clip for “The Way I’m Livin’,” the title track and lead song from her 9/23 Sugar Hill debut, she knew one thing: “I did not want a literal, storyline video.” The Roger Pistole-directed clip is anything but…and it’s provocative enough CMT will world premiere it across its platforms on Wednesday, Sept. 10.

“We joked about things you don’t hear at a Lee Ann Womack video shoot,” says the Grammy-winning vocalist of the unlikely video. “You know, like ‘The snakes just got here…’ Only for this clip, the snakes really did
just arrive!”

Considering the realm and reality in the world around us, Roger Pistole created a video where time has multiple layers, the characters are open to interpretation and Womack delivers a vocal performance that is equal parts confession, rumination and scalding immersion in the moment. In the end, the notion of just who the devil is will prompt discussion – with no clear cut answers.

“I think getting people to talk about things, issues and what they believe is the best thing music can do,” Womack says. “And I love that this video takes that concept, and pushes it even farther. Life isn’t black and white; people’s reasons aren’t simple, nor are the reasons they fall. Roger got the exact thing I was trying to capture in the song – and man, did he find a great way to create a video that leaves you wondering, but also shows you a lot about the gray areas of life.”

Shot in an abandoned house on a working cattle farm outside Nashville, “The Way I’m Livin'” seems like another old house in a field video – until you get 30 seconds in. From there, it’s a powerful exploration of temptation, falling, fighting and perhaps salvation – all without one obvious cue.

“The best things let you bring your own life to’em,” says the woman, whose The Way I’m Livin’ was singled out by The New York Times in their Fall Arts Preview. “I really want this album to open up what songs can contain, to make people think about their definitions of not just ‘what’s country?,’ but why do we need definitions.”

Wednesday, Sept. 10, CMT will take people even further into the song The Wall Street Journal debuted earlier this summer, writing of the song’s intensity, “She sounds as if she’s making up for lost time.” World Premiering it on CMT, as well as CMT Pure, CMT.com and the CMT Artists App

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