Creed Vocalist Scott Stapp Claims He Is Penniless And Living In A Holiday Inn

(PCM) We swear this is not a headline from The Onion or some other satire news site. Creed front man Scott Stapp posted a 15 minute long confessional style video on the band’s Facebook page claiming that he is flat broke, being investigated by the IRS and other agencies and living in a Holiday Inn.

Stapp titled the video “Public Statement #1” and given what he discussed throughout the video we are surely going to see additional public statements popping up in the near future. Stapp claims that he is under some kind of vicious attack and that a bunch of money was taken from him. He also adds that many of his royalties have not been paid.

Stapp has admitted that he has suffered from severe drug and alcohol problems in the past, however in the video he claims that he is completely drug and alcohol free living a completely sober lifestyle dedicated to Christ.

Stapp asks for assistance in finding a good and honest attorney that would be willing to take on his case and many times throughout the video expresses concern for the well-being of his three children.

Prior to his current residence at the Holiday Inn Stapp says that he was living in his truck for a few days and was forced to go without food for two days which landed him in the emergency room after his bank accounts were all frozen.

Earlier this week it was revealed that Stapp’s wife Jaclyn Stapp had filed for divorce and is request full custody of the couples three children.

She claims to have received some incredibly odd text messages from Scott in last few weeks, ever since he disappeared from their home in Orlando, Florida in early October. Those message include commentary about biological weapons coming into the state of Florida, the CIA being behind AA and interest in both Nashville and Palm Springs driven by God.

Jaclyn says that Stapp has been using crystal meth and steroids and has filed a Marchman Act. If approved, Stapp will be court ordered to go into a treatment facility.

What do you think? Is Stapp’s video believable or do you think he is making up the whole story and is back on the drugs?

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