Fan Brings Justin Timberlake to Tears During His New York Concert

Justin Timberlake 2011 AA - Cropped(PCM) Ever been touched by kindness so sweet it brought you to tears? Justin Timberlake was during his concert Sunday night in Brooklyn, New York, and one fan was lucky enough to capture the moment on on video and uploaded it to Youtube.

Justin was performing at the Barclay’s Center on Sunday night as one of the last few stops on his 20/20 Experience World Tour when a young 10 year-old fan handed the singer/songwriter/actor a small box.

Concert-goers cheer as Justin thanks his young fan for his admiration and devotion; the young boy told Timberlake that he has been a fan of hi since the tender age of 2.

Overcome with emotion, the young fan bursts into tears as Justin opens his gift; a small bowtie. Feeling the love, Justin Timberlake is also overcome by gratitude and sheds a few tears of joy, turning from the crowd and wiping his eyes.

The “Suit and Tie” singer thanks the boy, telling him that the bowtie is “the greatest gift ever” and that “a gentleman can never have too many bowties” before uttering a sentence his young fan is likely to never forget: “I love you, kiddo.”

Watch the sweet video below, but be warned, whoever filmed it had his/her phone turned sideways.

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