Marilyn Manson Concert Review: He Is The God Of Whatever He Wants To Be!


(PCM) I recently had the privilege to attend Marilyn Manson’s recent “Hell not Hallelujah” tour stop at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA and I can say without a doubt that Manson is looking and sounding the absolute best that he has in years.

He and his band plowed through a blistering 16-song set that featured at least four to five tracks off his recently released new album “The Pale Emperor” as well as the “classics” such as “mOBSCENE”, “New Sh**t”, “Sweet Dreams”, “The Dope Show”, “Rock Is Dead” and of course “The Beautiful People”.


As you can tell by my recent review of The Pale Emperor, I am absolutely in love with Manson’s new album, however hearing these tracks live just took things to a whole new level. Opening the set with his current single “Deep Six” was perfect and I  thoroughly enjoyed hearing “Third Day of A Seven Day Binge”, “Cupid Carries A Gun” and my personal favorite off the new record “The Mephisotopheles of Los Angeles” in the live performance setting.

Much of Manson’s fan base looks up to him as if he is a god, as it was quite apparent by the reaction of the audience at this show and at this point in his career with a stellar new album under his belt Manson is surely in the position to be the god of whatever he wants to be. The days of a Manson concert being a shocking or controversial experience are long gone and what is left is nothing more than a solid rock show for some incredibly talented musicians.


Marilyn Manson has a way of being about to ignite the audience and hold them in the palm of his hand. The audience was hanging on to his every word and he along with guitarist Tyler Bates (who also happens to be the producer of The Pale Emperor) and bassist Twiggy Ramirez delivered an absolutely epic performance. His banter with the crowd was full of snark and dead-pan wit and I absolutely adore Manson’s ability to turn both a lyric and phrase on a dime.

Our one piece of advice to anyone heading out to any of the remaining dates on this tour, is to please take a moment, put your iPhone down and just spend some time soaking in the music and actually engrossing yourself in the show … trust me … it’s worth it!

Marilyn-Manson2 Marilyn-Manson3

Full Set List:

“Deep Six”
“Disposable Teens”
“No Reflection”
“Killing Strangers”
“Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” (Eurythmics cover)
“Cupid Carries a Gun”
“Rock Is Dead”
“The Dope Show”
“Third Day of a Seven Day Binge”
“Personal Jesus” (Depeche Mode cover)
“This Is the New Shit”
“The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles”
“The Beautiful People”
“Irresponsible Hate Anthem”
“Coma White”

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