The Public Has Spoken And They Want Metallica For Super Bowl 50


(PCM) The reviews for Katy Perry’s pop-drenched Super Bowl Half Time performance have all been relatively positive and of course we, too, think that she did a phenomenal job, but a lot of fans want some heavy metal to grace the airwaves during next year’s Super Bowl 50.

Fans of the band Metallica have launched an online petition for the band to play next year’s Super Bowl 50. Celebrating the 50th anniversary is a huge milestone for the Super Bowl and next years game will be held in Santa Clara, California, which just so happens to be where Metallica played one of their very first shows.

The petition currently has over 21,000 supporters and the petition states that Metallica songs are anthems in the NFL and major sports stadiums across the country and for 30 years have continued to break down walls and lead from the front of the heavy metail/hard rock genre. It is only fitting that this band get their chance to play a Super Bowl … they’ve more than earned it.

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