Vanilla Ice Arrested And Charged With Burglary


(PCM) It has been reported that 90’s rap star Vanilla Ice, otherwise known as Rob Van Winkle, has been arrested and charged with burglary and grand theft.  He has been accused of allegedly stealing items from a vacant home in Florida.

Van Winkle is said to have stolen bicycles, a pool heater, furniture and several other items from the home which is currently going though foreclosure. The house just so happens to be across the street from a home that Van Winkle is renovating in Lantana, Florida.

The local authorities issued a search warrant for Van Winkle’s home and discovered that he was in possession of the stolen property. Authorities say that he was cooperative with their efforts and was arrested and now faces the burglary and grand theft charges. All of the stolen items have since been returned to their rightful owner.


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