Cannibal Corpse And Behemoth Concert Review


Review and Photography credit: Megan C. Brooks 

(PCM) Sunday nights weather in Philadelphia was miserable icy rain and snow, but it didn’t stop death metal fans from filling the TLA to see four stellar performances. Starting the show was Tribulation from Arvika Sweden. They have really unique sound that seems to mix death metal and old school doom metal. Tribulation puts on an energetic show especially guitarist Jonathan Hulten who runs around on stage while playing. The next band was also from Sweden. Aeon, from Ostersund, are exactly what you think a Swedish death metal band should sound like. Super heavy with really skilled musicianship. These first two bands totally kicked ass and had the crowed warmed up for the headliners.


Behemoth entered a darkened stage, lead vocalist Nergal, knelt down with only one white light shining down on him with his arms out to the sides. The rest of the lights came on and he sprang into action. They put on an incredible theatrical performance. Their music is sometimes referred to as blackened death metal or progressive death metal, either way it’s melodic and heavy with satanic lyrical themes. Behemoths lyrics and their album The Satanist, release last year, have caused quite a bit of controversy. In May of 2014 they were thrown out of Russia and in October they were banned from playing in Posnan Poland. Towards the end of the set each band member took a mouth full of fake blood spitting some on the crowd, making all of their mouths & chins bright red. For the encore they came out with more blood on their faces for the first song and for the second encore song they wore really awesome devil masks.


Cannibal Corpse closed the show, starting with “Scourge of Iron”. George Fisher, the bands lead vocalist belted out song after song with his almost demon-like growl. They played some songs most recent album, A Skeletal Domain including “Kill or Become”, “Sadistic Embodiment” and “Icepick Lobotomy”. Cannibal Corpse ended the show with “Hammer Smashed Face” and “Devoured by Vermin”. This was an epic death metal show lineup, if you have the opportunity to see this tour it’s definitely worth any winter weather you might have to go out in.

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