Hollywood Undead “Day Of The Dead” Album Review


(PCM) Hands down, Hollywood Undead have crafted the best album of their career with the upcoming “Day Of The Dead” available everywhere on March 31. I was absolutely floored by how much the band -Johnny 3 Tears, J-Dog, Charlie Scene, Danny, Funny Man, and Da Kurlzz- have grown as musicians and this is completely apparent on the absolutely stellar tracks that make up “Day Of The Dead”.

What I have always loved about Hollywood Undead is that they have never been afraid to be experimental with their sound and the songs on “Day Of The Dead” span enough genres to make your head spin (which was mostly likely the point). I immediately fell in love with tracks such as “War Child”, “Save Me”, “Party By Myself” and “Disease” which, at least in my opinion, have the band going into territory that has not yet been explored on their previously released albums.

The only track on the album that I truly didn’t get was the odd pop-fueled country tinged track “I’ll Be There” which in a sense brought down the momentum that the rest of the album had previously set in motion. To me, it just didn’t fit, however I’m sure that the band had their reasons for its’ inclusion which I can certainly respect.

In crafting “Day Of The Dead” the band once again worked together as unit creating all the songs together making it a complete group effort and it shows. They sound incredibly fresh and tight. That brilliant spark of aggression and snarky wit, that we know and love from Hollywood Undead, is front and center throughout this album and they have truly outdone themselves with this release.

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