Coal Chamber’s Nadja Peulen Talks About How Great It Feels To Have Band Back Out On The Road


(PCM) We were recently able to catch Coal Chambers electrifying show at The Trocadero in Philadelphia, PA, as well as, catch up with Coal Chamber bassist Nadja Peulen prior to the band’s performance.

In the interview Peulen revealed to us that she was a bit nervous before heading back out with the band, however she says that “after the first show it was like we never skipped a beat.” Peulen also spoke in depth to us about the band’s upcoming new album “Rivals” which will be released in North America on May 19 via Napalm Records. “Rivals” marks the band’s first new album release in thirteen years.

Peulen says “We just started jamming old school and recorded our demoing stuff and we did that for a few months. Then we went into the studio for pre-production for about ten days and then right away went to Florida to start tracking the album.”  She goes on to say “It was flowing for us and it was easy. The new record is heavy and it’s good!  I’m really proud of this record.”  It also happens to be the first that she is actually playing on, as Peulen has supported the band’s earlier albums live.

In our interview Peulen mentioned the band coming together and not really skipping a beat with both performing live and recording the new album and we honestly could not agree more!  The band’s chemistry on stage was amazing and they sounded incredibly refreshed and tight.

We were jumping for pure and utter joy when the band opened up with “Loco” and kept the momentum going with “Big Truck” and their brand-new single “I.O.U. Nothing”.  Watching the mosh pit open up in the center of the crowd took us back to the early days of attending true rock shows and the energy from the stage radiated throughout the entire venue.


Despite the fact that Coal Chamber has not been on the road for quite some time, watching their performance was as if no time had passed at all. Songs such as “Rowboat”, “Dark Days” and of course “Sway” sounded as fresh as the day they were first recorded and provides a true statement to the musicianship and longevity of this band.

We are on the edge of our seats in anticipation for the upcoming new album and if the show is any indication Coal Chamber will without a doubt be generating a ton of buzz throughout 2015.

Photography credit: Megan C Brooks Photography

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