Filter’s Richard Patrick Reveals That New Album Is Incredibly Exciting


(PCM) Attending a Filter show is always a memorable experience and the band delivers, putting their heart and soul into each and every performance.  Kristyn Clarke of PCM and The Rock Revival’s Matt Bishop caught Filter’s recent performance at The Trocadero in Philadelphia, PA, as well as, caught up with front man Richard Patrick and drummer Chris Reeve for a lengthy chat prior to the show.

Richard tells us that during the process for recording the band’s seventh album he went back with producer Ben Gross he says “I spent a lot of time re-visiting the world of “Short Bus” and at the same time I started working on a sound that I would be like the person that I am now, so it’s extremely exciting.”  He reveals that he is calling the sound “new industrial” and we certainly find that incredibly fitting as Filter was never a band that could be placed in one particular genre box and we love them for that!

Richard also reveals his thoughts on the current state of the music industry. His opinions and raw honesty is always refreshing and we absolutely commend him for being fearless when it comes to going against the grain. Filter creates music that actually makes people think and that has a message to convey. One of the major problems that exists with current Top 40 radio, in the world of both rock and pop is that everything is completely safe and we couldn’t agree more with Richard that it is time to make a change.

You can watch the full interview below:

The band’s performance in Philly was top-notch!  Filter absolutely oozes charisma once they take the stage and they command the audiences attention from the beginning of their set to the very end. Our only complaint was wishing that their set could have been a bit longer!

The band plowed through their hits such as “Can’t You Trip Like I Do”, “Jurassitol’ and “Hey Man, Nice Shot”, as well as, the not often played “You Walk Away” closing out with “Welcome To The Fold”. Overall a fantastic performance from an equally fantastic band!


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