Marilyn Manson Gets A Grand Slam … To The Face!


(PCM) Can’t a rock star eat at Denny’s in peace?  It has been reported that Marilyn Manson was allegedly involved in an altercation after dining at a Denny’s restaurant in Alberta, Canada.

According to the police report about the incident Manson was involved in a scuffle with two other people and ended up getting punched in the face. The report goes on to say that the “investigation determined that three people had been involved in a physical altercation and sustained minor injuries. No charges had been laid and the file has been concluded”.

Despite what the police report says there are conflicting statements from those who witnessed the altercation. Some say it started after Manson called the man’s girlfriend a “b**ch”, however Manson’s rep says that “he never made the inappropriate comment and happily obliged when two female diners asked him to take a photo. The man came out of nowhere and punched him for no apparent reason”. His rep goes on to say that Manson plans on returning to the Canadian police station and filing additional charges against his assailant.

First, Kid Rock at the Waffle House and now Manson at Denny’s … will the final match go down at the IHOP?

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