In Flames Brings The Fire To Carolina Rebellion


(PCM) While out at the recent Monster Energy Carolina Rebellion festival in Charlotte, NC we caught up with In Flames guitarist Bjorn Gelotte to talk about the band’s latest album release “Siren Charms”, the way technology has changed the music industry and the many shifts in direction the band’s music has taken over the years.

In Flames bring their all to each and every performance and we found ourselves being wildly swept up in the music from beginning to end.  The band provides a highly entertaining show and their humorous interaction with the crowd is spot-on!  While some fans may complain about the direction of some of the band’s more recent work, I have to say that the diversity is absolutely refreshing and it is wonderful to see a band that is not afraid to think outside of the box a bit.

You can watch the full interview with Bjorn below:

Photography by: Mike Sievila

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