Sixx:A.M. And Apocalyptica Rock Our World


(PCM) After waiting literally years for my beloved Sixx:A.M. to hit the road for live shows, I was absolutely thrilled to head out to the band’s recent performance at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA. To sweeten up this show even more symphonic Finnish metallers Apocalyptica were also on the bill making it an all around epic night of pure unadulterated rock n’ roll!

Both Sixx:A.M. and Apocalyptica are touring in support of their phenomenal new albums. Sixx:A.M. released Modern Vintage back in October and Apocalyptica unleashed Shadow Maker just this past April.


Apocalyptica kicked the show into high gear once they took to the stage and did an absolutely amazing job of whipping the crowd into a frenzy. The band consists of cellists Eicca Toppinen, Paavo Lötjönen, Perttu Kivilaakso, drummer Mikko Sirén and recently added vocalist Franky Perez. Apocalyptica know how to grasp the audiences attention and provided the perfect blend of songs that included both purely instrumental numbers and their hit vocal singles such as “Cold Blood” and “I Don’t Care”.


Watching Apocalyptica twirl and twist their cellos around, along with nearly constant head-banging is captivating to see and they move about the stage with abundant fervor. We had a chance to catch up with Apocalyptica just prior to the band’s Philly performance to chat about the new album and the band’s upcoming headlining tour which will kick-off with a performance at this year’s Rock On The Range in Columbus, OH on May 15, 16, and 17th.

Check out the interview below:


The moment we had been waiting for arrived once Sixx:A.M. graced the stage. It has been a very long time since I have had the chance to witness a band that appeared just so overjoyed to be on the stage and rocking out with one another.  It was truly beautiful.  Seeing band members Nikki Sixx, DJ Ashba and James Michael playfully joking around and having fun with each other is a true testament to the camaraderie that consists within a band like Sixx:A.M.


The band truly delivered to fans playing an equal amount of both old and new material making perfect use of their nearly 90 minute set time.  Opening up the set with three new songs off Modern Vintage “Let’s Go”, “Give Me A Love” and “Relief” and then blasted through fan favorites such as “This Is Gonna Hurt”, “Pray For Me” and “Dead Man’s Ballet”.  I was actually quite surprised to see that the funky disco-like song “Miracle” made it into the set. While it is probably my least favorite song on the new album, it really, really went over well in the live setting and was great fun to clap and sing along with the band. Sixx:A.M. also included their cover of the hit song “Drive” originally by The Cars that was performed gorgeously by Michael on the piano before he was then joined by the rest of the band.


Sixx:A.M. wrapped up the main portion of their set with “Lies Of The Beautiful People” and “Stars” before coming back to encore with “Skin” and “Life Is Beautiful”.  I have always said that “Skin” is probably one of the most raw and beautiful songs in the in world and seeing it live just pulls at the heart strings even harder. Thank you Sixx:A.M. for giving us a phenomenal show, as well as, a beautiful memory.


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