The Almighty Slayer Captivate The Carolina Rebellion Crowd


(PCM) I think if we had our way every rock festival should feature a performance by the almighty Slayer, as they flawlessly school the audience (and other bands) about just what it takes to perform a no holds-barred in your face metal assault to the senses. We adored every moment of their recent set at Carolina Rebellion!


It was the perfect way to get us amped and excited about Slayer’s, still currently untitled, seventh album release that is set to drop in August of this year. Slayer will tour extensively to support the new album, headlining this summer’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival as well as playing other major outdoor festivals and several “An Evening With…” Slayer-only concerts.


The new album marks the first time Slayer has worked with producer Terry Date . It is also Slayer’s first CD since Paul Bostaph’s return to the band in 2013 and guitarist Gary Holt’s addition to the SLAYER touring lineup in 2011.


We had a chance to catch up with Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph to of course discuss the new album, the band’s plans for Mayhem, changes in the music industry and more!  You can watch our interview below:

Photography: Mike Sievila

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