The TenFiveSixty Announce West Coast Tour!

Photo1tenfivesixty(PCM) Every now and then, a really special submission comes across my desk. An artist who really has someting to say. Songs that are memorable, engaging and timeless. Well The TenFiveSixty fits that description. This fantastic duo are based in the United Kingdom and launching a West Coast U.S. Tour this week.

Formed by Jen Bailey and Rick Hornby a few years back, the group say it was a shared love of, “lost romanticism, soundtracks, 60’s girl groups, 80’s hooks, good footwear, attention to detail, and the darker side of classic British guitar pop” that brought them together, and such reference points are certainly audible in the material they’ve released so far.

The duo focus their energies on the symbolism within their music. Their tracks possess warmly crafted soundscapes and there is a great blend of drama and emotion. They light up the air with a breath of melodic warmth and magnetic harmonic energy, inviting you to move both your body and heart.

Following on from the success of their last single ‘Control’, TenFiveSixty return with a new release for 2015, ‘Dashboard Light,’ produced by Duncan Mills (The Vaccines, Peace) and mixed by international producer Robert Harder (Brian Eno, Herbie Hancock, Whitey, Squarepusher).

The band describes their music as “eloquent, poignant and shot through with a strangely hopeful melancholy.” I completely agree. If you live near any of these tour markets,
do your best to stop by and see what true art is really about.

Upcoming West Coast Tour Dates:

May 7
Seattle, WA

May 8 & 10
Portland, OR

May 9
Medford, OR

May 13
San Diego

May 14
Westlake, CA

May 15
Santa Cruz

May 17
San Francisco, CA

For more information about TenFiveSixty, please visit:

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