Ed Sheeran Surprises A Fan Covering His Song At The Mall


(PCM) In an adorable prank that has gone viral, singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran happened to be shopping at a mall in Edmonton, Alberta when he took notice of 13-year-old Sydney Bourbeau who was about to perform his hit single “Thinking Out Loud” for a mall fundraiser that was taking place. You could only imagine Bourbeau’s shock when suddenly Sheeran appeared on the stage beside her to duet on the song. What are the chances?

Bourbeau says that she had just finished taking her microphone out of the stand and when Sheeran approached the stage she initially assumed it was someone coming up to fix or adjust the equipment. Once he came up the stairs, she realized it was Sheeran and freaked out, especially when he gave her a hug and she then realized he wanted to actually perform the song with her on-stage.

A friend of Sheeran’s captured the moment on video when he overheard Bourbeau getting ready to perform the track, as well as, his adorable surprise by gracing the stage. It is certainly going to be a memory to last a lifetime for Bourbeau. Bourbeau says she was incredibly nervous during the performance, but somehow made it through. She said she tried to located Sheeran after he left the stage, but had no luck.

Bourbeau is a student at Resonate Music School and the fundraiser taking place was called Play For Pets to benefit the local Edmonton animal shelter.


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