Former Scorpions Bassist Reveals He Attended Snuff Parties


(PCM) The thought that snuff parties even exist outside of what we have seen in the movies over the years is a truly disturbing thought.  The idea that someone is murdered for sport and entertainment of a bunch of wealthy individuals is just horrifying.

If you ever wonder about the type of person that would attend such a horrific party, just talk to former Scorpion’s bassist Ralph Rieckermann. Rieckermann admitted to attending an elite snuff party which left him traumatized afterwards. He claimed when speaking with a reporter that wealth individuals would pay upwards of $100,000 to see someone get murdered.

Rieckermann appeared very serious in the interview and even went on to say that while attending another party he witnessed something “so revolting” that he felt like he was “going to throw-up”. Not sure why someone would lie about something like that, so many people are under the impression that he was being truthful about the situation.

Rieckermann played bass for The Scorpions from 1993-2003 and now currently works as a composer for both television and film projects.

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