Taylor Swift Confronts Apple About Music Streaming Service Policy


(PCM) Not just anyone can go up against online giant Apple and actually succeed in getting them to reverse one of their business policies, but if your name is Taylor Swift then you certainly have a fairly good chance.

Swift penned an open letter to Apple titled “To Apple, Love Taylor” criticizing the company for failing to compensate artists for music that is given away for free during a customers free three month trail period with the service. Swift threatened to pull her mega-hit album “1989” from Apple’s new streaming service, unless a change was made to compensate the artists.

Swift did not confront Apple over any type of greed or desire to make more money for herself, but rather to be sure that new artists, songwriters and other people in the industry would be protected and receive proper compensation for their hard-work. Apple’s policy could leave them all in a very vulnerable state.

In her open letter to Apple, Swift says that she was shocked and disappointed to hear about Apple’s policy, as they are historically a very progressive and generous company. She went on to say that it is never too late to change the minds of those in charge and added “We don’t ask you for free iPhones. Please don’t ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation.”

It seems that the powers that be at Apple heard Swift’s sentiments and there was very quick change made to the company’s policy regarding compensation to artist during the free trial period. Definitely a smart move on behalf of the company, as we are sure they would be devastated to lost the support of Swift and her legions of adoring fans.  Apple’s senior vice president Eddy Cue sent out a series of Tweet’s addressing the issue and even personally called Swift to let her know about the company decision on the matter.

Photo credit: Matt Christine

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