Lenny Kravitz Suffers A Wardrobe Malfunction On Stage In Sweden


(PCM) Lenny Kravitz certainly gave fans quite a different show than expected after suffering a wardrobe malfunction while performing his first song at a recent music festival in Sweden.

Redefining why tight leather pants and hot weather don’t work together Kravitz’s pants split right down the middle exposing his penis to the entire audience as he was crouched down jamming out to one of his epic guitar solos.

Kravitz showed the world that he indeed does go commando on-stage and at first appeared to not take notice of the incident. Once he realized what had happened he ran off the stage for a few moments and then returned sporting yet another pair of tight leather pants (go figure)!

Pictures and video of the incident have gone viral and it is now being hilariously referred to at #penisgate!

Kravitz responded to the #penisgate situation by posting a hilarious message he received from fellow rocker Steven Tyler of Aerosmith which can be seen below:

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