Justin Bieber Opens Up to Jimmy Fallon About His Emotional VMA Performance

JustinBieber_JimmyFallon_Feat(PCM) Justin Bieber sat down with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Wednesday and addressed his emotional performance at the 2015 MTV VMAs.

The MTV VMAs, an annual awards show that crowns the best music videos of the past year, has always been a hot spot for celebrity drama, but this year’s ceremony outdid itself.

Aside from the poorly written amateur sketches and the bevy of marijuana jokes courtesy of this year’s host, Miley Cyrus, audiences got to sit back and watch as “Anaconda” rapper Nicki Minaj threw the most amount of shade seen on a live televised program in the past century at Miley, Kanye West go on a 12-minute tirade and announce his 2020 presidential run after winning the VMA Vanguard award, and, on a more touching note, watched as Justin Bieber, once one of the most hated celebrities in America, broke down in tears at the end of his performance of his latest single, “What Do You Mean?”

Many in the live audience and those at home watching on TV were left questioning whether the Bieb’s tears were genuine and, if so, they were left to wonder why the young pop star appeared to be sobbing at the end of his set.

Aware of the general public’s confusion, Justin Bieber appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to address those questions and explain his emotional breakdown.

Bieber explained to Fallon that his tears were due to his being overwhelmed after receiving cheers from the crowd at the end of his performance, especially since his last awards show performance was met with boos.

Bieber goes on to acknowledge his unruly behavior as a teenager, the same behavior (egging houses, speeding, general misbehavior) that had people signing a petition to deport the singer back to Canada.

Whether this is all one big PR move to revamp Justin Bieber’s image or genuine penance, it seems to be working: Justin’s latest single, “What Do You Mean?” holds the #1 spot on the Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks chart.

Watch Justin Bieber’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon below!

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