Motorhead, Anthrax and Crobot Brought A Triple Threat To Philly And Delivered!


(PCM) Praises were sung to the gods of rock n’ roll during the recent Motorhead, Anthrax and Crobot tour stop at the historic Tower Theater in Philadelphia, PA. Church was in session and we were the eager disciples during this night of legendary performances. Motorhead has been a band for over four decades and despite a few health scares for front man Lemmy Kilmister, the band sounded just as fresh and fierce as they did in their youth. They have certainly more than earned their place among the heavy metal elite.


Kicking the evening off to a funktastic start were Pennsylvania rockers Crobot, who are without a doubt one of the most engaging and talented new bands out there on the scene. They bring to the stage the perfect blend of funk, rock and soul and absolutely hypnotize the audience with their performance on stage. Front man Brandon Yeagley is just out of the world and paired with the shreds from guitarist Chris Bishop, the grooves from bassist Jake Figueroa, and the beats from Paul Figueroa’s drums, Crobot are a true rock n’ roll force to be reckoned with!

The band blasted through songs from their debut album “Something Supernatural”, however it was fantastic to hear some new tunes sneak their way into the set such as “Welcome To Fat City”. We absolutely can’t wait for the band’s upcoming new album, as they have proven to have all the makings of a truly legendary rock band and are already well on their way to super stardom.

Just as the high from Crobot’s enthralling performance was winding down, the almighty Anthrax took to the stage. We have to say that this performance was one of the best we’ve heard from Anthrax, as it was almost like there was just something magical in the air. Quickly after Anthrax blasted onto the stage a sea of mosh pits opened up on the floor and fans appeared to be in high heaven as the band poured through their extensive catalog of hits.


Anthrax are a band that plays were such force and ferocity that they command the attention of the room. Singer Joey Belladonna files around the stage like a whirlwind putting to shame bands that are half of his age and the same goes for guitarist Scott Ian, whose masterful shreds continue to be absolutely mind-blowing. One of my favorite moments of the night occurred when Anthrax rolled down a banner that featured an image of the late Ronnie James Dio and paid tribute to their fallen comrade with an amazing cover of Black Sabbath’s “Neon Nights”.  It was a truly beautiful moment.


Currently, Anthrax are the process of putting the finishing touches on their follow-up to 2011’s “Worship Music” and the band hopes for an early 2016 release date via Megaforce Records. We would have loved to hear some snippets of new material during the band’s recent performance, however we know in our hearts that good things come to all those that wait!


Speaking of waiting, the time had finally arrived for the almighty Motorhead to close out the night!  As soon as Lemmy and the rest of the band stepped onto the stage the crowd went wild and opening with “Bomber” was certainly an ideal choice. We thought the band sounded fantastic and forget those health scares, as the Lemmy god looked utterly amazing! Phil Campbell’s guitar riffs were spot on and Mikkey Dee’s drumming was just as furious as ever.

For a band to sound as fresh and focused as Motorhead after 40 years is a true testament to the musicianship and passion of its’ members and it is certainly what makes Motorhead legendary. We were thrilled to hear songs such as “The Chase Is Better Than The Catch”,”Dr. Rock”,  “Ace Of Spades” and the no often performed live “Rock It”.  I would have loved to hear some songs off the band’s newly released album “Bad Magic”, but we can imagine with a catalog as extensive as Motorhead’s it can be quite an ordeal to choose the perfect set list for each tour.


We also got a bit of a rock and metal history lesson when Lemmy revealed to the crowd that Philadelphia was the very first city he played in the U.S. back in the pre-Motorhead days with Hawkwind. Going to have to store that tid-bit of information for metal trivia later! Lemmy and the rest of the band did a fantastic job of reminding us that rock n’ roll is very much alive and well with the very simple, yet poignant phrase uttered from the lips of the Lemmy god “Don’t forget, we are Motorhead and we play rock n’ roll”! And we say please don’t ever stop!


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