Sabaton Frontman Loses A Bet And Has To Walk 323 Miles To The Band’s Next Gig!


(PCM) It’s all fun and games until someone has to walk!  Such is the case for Sabaton frontman Joakim Broden who lost a bet made with his bandmates and is now forced to walk about 323 miles to the band’s next gig at the Trodheim Metal Fest in Norway, held Oct 1 and 3. Broden has already started his journey and has decided to create a video journal of his trek!

It will reportedly take Broden about 107 hours to make the trip and in a comment to Norway’s he says, “I will not go into details on exactly what happened, but I can say that it was fun and a bit silly. It started out almost as a joke, but it evolved to be quite serious. I will take a few days rest. I have made contact with some fans via Facebook, who have provided me with food and shelter.”

Broden goes on to say, “The first day was the hardest. That’s when I walked for ten hours without proper shoes. It wasn’t exactly ideal. And I do not walk such long stretches of time now. I walk between four and eight hours a day.” 

We can only wish Broden the best of luck with his journey and we certainly hope he will make it in time for the band’s performance!  Wonder if the rules of the best said anything about hitchhiking?

We caught up with Sabaton during their appearance in Philadelphia, PA last year….check out our exclusive interview and show coverage here!

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