Album Review: Escape The Fate Shine With “Hate Me”


(PCM) We are absolutely blown away by “Hate Me” the upcoming new album from rockers Escape The Fate which is set to drop on October 30th! The album showcases a much more mature sound for the band and they have truly pulled out no stops in putting together what is arguably one of the most solid albums of their extensive ten-year career.

Few bands have endured what Escape The Fate has over the years and “Hate Me” is like a musical journey through the many trials and tribulations that took place over the course of this band’s career. While other bands would have thrown in the towel, Escape The Fate has risen from ashes stronger than ever before. “Hate Me” is like a slap in the face to anyone who ever doubted Escape The Fate’s will to survive in the ever-changing musical landscape .

The tracks that make up “Hate Me” are chock full of raw honesty and emotion and the band Robert Ortiz (drums), Craig Mabbitt (lead vocals),  Thomas “TJ” Bell (Rhythm guitar) and new lead guitarist Kevin “Thrasher” Gruft have done a phenomenal job of taking a lot of the hate they have received over the years and turning into a musical masterpiece.  On this album the band explores a variety of different elements stylistically and prove once again that we can throw any type of outdated genre definitions completely out the window.

“Hate Me” is certainly a rock record, however songs like the album’s title track “Hate Me” and brutal “I Won’t Break” play with electronic elements and songs such as the gorgeous “Breaking Me Down” and album closer “Let Me Be” show a taste of the band’s softer side. The album showcases the band’s amazing versatility and superior musicianship and finds the perfect way to balance anger and aggression with a message of uplifting hope that says we will be alright in the end! The album is a true emotional journey from start to finish and definitely worthy of quite a few repeat spins.

Escape The Fate has added yet another stellar album to their growing catalog and long-time fans will certainly be thrilled, however we definitely feel that with this album in particular they will draw in a slew of new listeners as well!

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