Rob Zombie Gets Kicked Out Of His Own Show After Being Mistaken For Being Homeless?


(PCM) Opps! Rocker Rob Zombie was reportedly kicked out of his own show after security personnel at the venue mistook him for being a homeless man milling around backstage. Security at the Nevada venue responded to reports that there was a disheveled looking long-haired homeless man who smelled like booze and cigarettes backstage, as hundreds of fans were lined up for the sold-out show Rob Zombie concert.

According to the security guards, when they approached him and asked the man for his name he said “I’m Zombie”. The guards assumed the man was having some sort of a mental episode and he was escorted from the building. Rob was shocked by the incident and repeatedly told the security guards “I’m Zombie … what are you doing?!”.  The security guards jokingly responded with “Yeah right! This ain’t The Walking Dead, pal!”.

Once the doors to the venue opened and the opening act completed their set, fans had to wait for about two hours before Rob Zombie finally took to the stage. The owner of the venue was searching for Zombie backstage and could be heard yelling “Where’s Zombie?”. It was at this point in time that the security guards realized their huge mistake and Zombie was located and brought back in to perform the concert.

After all that, they are lucky he even came back!!  Zombie himself commented on the ordeal saying “Even though I smell like booze and cigarettes, I’m definitely not homeless! I tried to tell them I was ‘Zombie’ but I think they actually took me for a literal Zombie… which I also kinda look like…”

We are looking forward to catching Rob Zombie at the upcoming Rock Allegiance Festival in Chester, PA this coming weekend, and don’t worry Rob … Philly knows you’re not homeless!

Update: Rob Zombie took to his Official Facebook page to clarify this story saying that is 100 % false!  He says “For anyone who thought this was real, sorry it is a 100% a fake joke story. Pretty funny though. I guess. FYI we don’t actually play Las Vegas until October 30th.”


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