GWAR Celebrate 30 Years! Exclusive Interview And Concert Review!


(PCM) Can you believe that GWAR has been wreaking havoc all over the planet for 30 years? For fans that is no surprise at all!  The longevity of this band is certainly due to their unwavering dedication and determination for world domination, and oh, you know, that whole music thing! GWAR has continued to thrive against all odds and show absolutely no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

As usual GWAR provided an amazing show during their recent stop at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA. For me, attending a GWAR show is a bit bittersweet as I can still feel the tragic loss of the great Oderus Urungus (Dave Brockie), however I give the remaining members of GWAR all the credit in the world for continuing to move forward while keeping the spirit of Oderus alive in the music.


For this tour we find our intergalactic space lords battling everyone’s favorite demon … the internet! GWAR is on a quest to kill the internet and that mission of course brought out the blood and gore (seriously, would it be a GWAR show without it?)!  GWAR are not a band for the sensitive or easily offended, but fans can truly appreciate their tongue-in-cheek and snarky humor. I adore that they are fearless when it comes to tackling a lot of subject matter that would otherwise be taboo to other artists.

For this tour, in particular, GWAR brought out several deep-cuts from throughout their 30 year history as a band including “Jack The World”, “I’m In Love (With a Dead Dog)”, “Meat Sandwich” and “Captain Crunch”. Hearing these songs live was a delightful treat for fans and the band’s set consisted of a perfect mix of both old and new material.


I had a chance to catch up with both Pustulus and Blothar of GWAR for an exclusive interview just prior to them slaying the stage!  Watch below to see us discuss everything from Thanksgiving to porn!

As GWAR continue their global domination on their 30th Anniversary tour, the intergalactic warlords have announced a special show for New Year’s Eve! “Midnight in the GWARden of New Year’s Evil” will take place December 31st at the National in GWAR’s adopted home of Richmond, Virginia. The event is presented by Night Prowler Productions and XL102.
This unprecedented celebration is a must attend for all Bohabs as GWAR is set to ring in the New Year with a special one of a kind performance. Special guests and exclusive events for the evening will be announced in the coming weeks. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10:00 AM Eastern HERE.

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