Album Review: Clutch “Psychic Warfare”

Clutch3(PCM) Clutch is one of those bands that continues to grow on me year after year as I have always felt that they have managed to remain true to themselves and their music which is no easy feat considering the pressures for a band in the ever changing musical landscape. As, impressed as I was with the band’s 2013 release “Earth Rocker”, their latest album release “Psychic Warfare” takes things to an entirely new level.

Following the trajectory of the band’s career from their beginnings back in the early nineties to where they have ended up now strongly lives up to the age old adage of slow and steady wins the race. It is quite apparent that a lot of time and energy pours forth from the band to be sure that they are putting out their strongest material possible and the collection of tracks that make up “Psychic Warfare” showcase some of the band’s best material to date.

The band is able to flawlessly blend together blues and hard rock topped off with a punk rock spirit to create a sound that is both incredibly unique and very much their own. The songs that make up this album take me back to a time when music still had something to say and I, for one, am very eager to listen. Right out of the gate the hard and heavy “X-ray Visions” sets the pace for the journey this album will take and it is a story the listener will enjoy thoroughly from beginning to end. Noteworthy tracks include the blues-infused “Quick Death In Texas”, the pulsating “Our Lady Of Electric Light” and my personal favorites “Sucker For The Witch” and album closer “Son Of Virginia”.

Clutch has always been a solid rock band and they have once again released a solid rock album. They have managed to stay on the radar without the tons of commercial success that has rained down upon other bands. They continue to prove that there are still true rock bands out there and we as fans continue to adore them for it!

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