The Life Of David Bowie Will Be Celebrated In London’s Union Chapel On Sunday, January 17


(PCM) Music lovers, musicians and Bowie fans of all ages will gather for a public tribute for David Bowie at London’s Union Chapel on Sunday afternoon. The event – “Starman: A celebration of David Bowie” – will provide an opportunity for people who have been inspired, influenced or touched by his work to pay tribute to the visionary musician who died on Sunday.

Musicians and bands will perform Bowie tracks whilst people who knew the man or loved his work will read lyrics, poems and talk about what he meant to them. There will be projections, song sheets for the congregation and hopefully a number of surprises.

The list of performers and participants is currently being prepared and organisers are appealing to anyone who would like to get involved or to help out to get in contact.

“The world would be a very different place without David Bowie and many people feel a distinct need to say goodbye to him. This event is intended for everyone whose lives have been touched by his music. We appeal to anyone to get in contact and help ensure that this event is a fitting tribute to a man who has meant so much to so many,” said Stefan Simanowitz, event coordinator.

“We are honoured to be hosting this celebration for one of the outstanding musicians of our time. The Union Chapel will provide an ideal setting to celebrate the greatness of his work and bid farewell to a very special man,” said Pete Stapleton, venue manager of the Union Chapel.

Starman: A celebration of Bowie will take place from 5pm – 8.30pm on Sunday 17 January at the Union Chapel, Islington.

Tickets will be available shortly:

For ticket information contact

This is a non-profit event but there will be a £4 charge to cover costs. Any profits will go to Macmillan Cancer Care.

The event will be livestreamed on the Internet.

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