Album Review: “Getaway” From Rockers Adelitas Way


(PCM) We literally have zero desire to “Getaway” from the newly released album from Las Vegas rockers Adelitas Way, in fact it has been in heavy rotation here in our office and we simply can’t get enough! The band recently dropped “Getaway”, which is their fourth studio album, and it is truly some of the band’s strongest material to date. Having endured many ups and downs over the year’s one thing is for sure, Adelitas Way has found the light at the end of tunnel with this album release.

“Getaway” is chock full of radio friendly tracks such as “Bad Reputation”, “Low”, and “Only The Good Die Young”, however it was refreshing to see the band experiment a bit and showcase their amazing musicianship on tracks such as “Sometimes You’re Meant To Get Used”, “Filthy Heart” and “Shame”. Vocalist Rick DeJesus oozes with raw emotional intensity which paired with the searing guitar work of Robert Zakaryan, thumping bass lines of Andrew Crushing and pounding drums from Tre Stafford,  makes Adelitas Way is a unstoppable force in the realm of rock n’ roll.

We adore an album that can be played from start to finish and “Getaway” provides us with the perfect collection of hard rocking tracks which are all worthy of our full, unadulterated attention. This one is definitely worth checking out and has once again cemented Adelitas Way as a force to be reckoned with on the hard rock music scene.  The band just recently wrapped up their winter tour and we certainly expect to hear a lot more from them throughout the rest of this year!

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