Concert Review: Pearl Jam Rock The House In Philadelphia, PA


(PCM) We had the profound opportunity to witness an evening with Pearl Jam when the Seattle-based band stopped by the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA for a two- night gig. We were able to catch night one, during which the band played an epic three-hour set to a sell-out crowd. The audience was just as enthused to see the band as they were to be back in Philly. The last time Pearl Jam played in Philly was three years ago and  this show marked the  23rd time Pearl Jam had played in city of brotherly love.


There were so many memorable moments during the show. One of our favorites occurred when Eddie sang a song to a couple that had just gotten married high up in the box seats. The lights shined on them as he sang and they kissed. It was a moment we will always remember, as Eddie Vedder serenaded the couple with , “Picture In A Frame” by Tom Waits saying it was “the most romantic song I know”!


Pearl Jam has such an amazingly extensive music catalog that we can’t even begin to imagine just how hard it is for them to craft a set list each and every night. Night one in Philly was like a glorious buffet of classic Pearl Jam favorites with a few deep cuts thrown in, much to the overall delight of fans.


Prior to breaking into “All Night” Vedder shared some stories with the audience about the very first time that the band played in Philadelphia and the atmosphere during their 1992 performance at J.C. Dobb’s. Much the same as the rest of us, Vedder admitted to being saddened to hear that the legendary venue has since gone under.


The spotlight was turned on Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament leading into “Low Light”, as Vedder praised his skills as a master musician and terrific songwriter before breaking into the song. “Love Boat Captain” was dedicated to nine year fan Joshua, who was in attendance at the show due to a wonder organization called “Given To Life”. The crowd cheered as the spotlight was turned on young Joshua and his family who were absolutely overjoyed and jamming their hearts out with the band.


After an amazing performance of “Evenflow”, Vedder speaks highly of drummer Matt Cameron and his amazing memory before breaking into the Cameron penned song “Into The Moonlight”. It was wonderful to witness the closeness and camaraderie that exists between the members of Pearl Jam who have managed to maintain such a tight unit after twenty-five years. That is no easy feat considering the ever changing musical landscape.


Another amazing set from an amazing band. Pearl Jam’s music has always had a message, and that message has spoken to their longevity with their fan’s. Pearl Jam celebrates 25 years of being a band this year. An amazing feat if we do say so ourselves! If you’re interested in this set list or any of their shows from this tour past or present you can find their official bootlegs of the show’s on the link found here!


You can see the full set list below:

Pearl Jam Night One Set list (Philadelphia, PA)

01. Once
02. Animal
03. Gonna See My Friend
04. All Night
05. Mind Your Manners
06. Low Light
07. Wishlist
08. Love Boat Captain
09. Given To Fly
10. Evenflow
11. In The Moonlight
12. In My Tree
13. Jeremy
14. Education
15. Unthought Known
16. Do The Evolution
17. Lightning Bolt
18. Porch


Encore Break One
19. Picture In A Frame-(Brennan, Waits)
(Angie-{Jagger, Richards} only about 40 seconds)
20. Oceans
21. Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns-(Mother Love Bone, A. Wood)
22. Why Go
23. Got Some
24. Rearviewmirror


Encore Break Two
25. Save You
26. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town (to back of venue)
27. Crazy Mary-(Williams)
28. State Of Love And Trust (Ed gets an American Flag robe and is wearing a Rocky T-shirt. Ed gives the mic to an audience member to sing a little bit)
29. Alive
30. F**kin’ Up-(Young)
31. Indifference

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