Exclusive Music Video Premiere: ‘It Do Take Nerve’ By Ryan Skyy feat. Jack Mizrahi


(PCM) We are super excited to premiere the brand new music video for “It Do Take Nerve” from Ryan Skyy feat. Jack Mizrahi. You may recognize the song, as it went viral as part of an electro-house score that Ryan Skyy produced for Marco Marco’s LA and NY fashion shows after the first plus-size male model ever featured during fashion week, Dexter Mayfield, strutted down the runway to this track and lit up social media and the fashion world

The music video features vocals by voguing MC Jack Mizrahi and is directed by Edgar Dela Torre. The video pays homage to late 80s and early 90s nostalgia and voguing street culture, which has long been an underlining influence of dance and pop culture.

 Plus-size male model, Dexter Mayfield, also makes an appearance in the video, along with Javier Ninja from the House of Ninja, considered to be the top voguer in the world, alongside voguers Mercury Xtravaganza, Carlos Irizarry, and Eric Sanchez. Also featured in the video is Eden the Doll, a transgender model from LA. Shot throughout parts of LA and Venice Beach, “Nerve” features central themes of applauding courage, standing up and not being afraid, being unbothered, having that intestinal fortitude, loving yourself, closing the closet door behind you and never letting anyone put you back in.

Put your vougeing shoes on and enjoy!

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