The Bots And The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Preview Music Video For “Blinded”

Photo Credit: Elijah Dominique

Photo Credit: Elijah Dominique

(PCM) We have been in love with The Bots ever since we were able to catch up with them at last year’s The Shindig Music Festival in Baltimore, MD where they shared a stage with artists such as Jane’s Addiction and Rise Against. While 2014 was a great year for the band, it looks like 2015 is shaping up to be even better.

The band recently made their network television debut on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” performing their new single “Blinded” and have also revealed that they have teamed up with the amazing Norman Reedus, star of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” to direct the songs upcoming music video!


You can check out a preview clip below!  We are super excited to check out the finished video!

The band is also excited to announce an upcoming US tour with The Preatures. Don’t miss them on the road this March and April. The band is playing a hometown show this Thursday presented by legendary SoCal radio station KROQ to get warmed up for the tour.

3/23 – Brooklyn, NY – Rough Trade

3/26 – Chicago, IL – Schubas

3/28 – Milwaukee, WI – Rave

3/29 – Minneapolis, MN – Triple Rock

4/1 – Kansas City, MO – Record Bar

4/2 – Salt Lake City, UT – Kilby COurt

4/4 – Seattle, WA – Tractor Tavern

4/5 – Portland, OR – Doug Fir Lounge

4/7 – San Francisco, CA – The Independent

4/8 – Los Angeles, CA – Club Bahia

4/9 – San Diego, CA – Casbah

Also, be sure to show some love to our interview with The Bots from The Shindig!!

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Daryl Hall And John Oates Talk New Concert Film, Upcoming Tour, New Music And More!

Photo by; Mick Rock

Photo by; Mick Rock

(PCM) It was incredibly surprising to learn that a band that has such amazing popularity and have no doubt traveled the globe, Hall and Oates have never performed a show together in Dublin, Ireland. That is precisely one of the main reasons that Dublin was chosen for the recording of the duo’s new concert film “Daryl Hall and John Oates Recorded: Live In Dublin”, as there was just something magical about that particular night and that particular performance.

Much to the delight of fans, the film was released in a select number of movie theaters through Fathom Events on February 19th. Daryl Hall and John Oates are part of that special breed of musicians who have been able to withstand the test of time within the music industry as the duo have been performing together for over 40 years.

Hall & Oates have weathered just about every change imaginable in industry and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees have managed to still hold their title as the number one selling duo in history. The duo continue to grow and expand their fan base even to this day!

In addition to the release of “Live From Dublin”, Daryl Hall and John Oates have recently made appearances on both the Howard Stern Show and The View and have an upcoming gig at The White House performing at the 2015 Governors Ball. And did we mention they are touring as well … definitely quite the busy men these days!

We recently had a chance to catch up with both Daryl Hall and John Oates to discuss the concert film, touring, new music and more!

Q: At this point in your guys’ career as a duo, you and John, what is the nature of that? You don’t really record anymore so how do you guys view and treat the partnership?

DARYL HALL : Well, you know, John and I started as friends, back when we were teenagers, and I think that that friendship, because it was that before it was a musical or creative or business partnership, has sustained us. We’re friends. We’re friends first, partners second. We did all that work together, over that period of time, through the ’70s and the ’80s, and into the ’90s, and even more recently, really.

We have all this body of work that we really enjoy playing. It’s hundreds of songs, and that, you know, we like doing it. I guess that’s the bottom line answer, is we like playing together. We like having a band together. We like playing our songs that we’ve created together. Even though we’re not doing anything currently together as far as music, what we’ve done in the past is certainly enough to sustain us.

Q: Does the relationship with the songs and the music change over the years? I mean, do the songs feel different to you now than they did in ’75, ’85, ’95, whenever you did them?

DH: Well, some of these songs were written, that we play and still deal with, the songs that I wrote when I was 21 years old. Twenty years old. Twenty-two. My life has changed. What was real has become ironic, and what was ironic has become real. You know, all these kinds of things. Life changes the perception of the songs.

What surprises me is how a lot of these songs that I wrote when I was a kid seem to have come true in my later life. That constantly surprises me.

Q: I know you’re not a guy who really likes to dig into the past because you have so much that goes on in the future, or in the present and in the future, but this year is 35 years for Voices. What’s your 2015 take on that, because that really was a kickstarter album for your guys.

DH: Well, I always knew that I was going to be doing it for a long time. I was trained in it and it’s my greatest love and preoccupation in my life. The fact that I’m still doing it and with a certain kind of strength is great. It’s not surprising, but it’s great. I’m very happy that it’s crossed generations. There’s a certain timeless quality to the music that seems to resonate with people of all ages, even young kids now. It’s all very fulfilling, to tell you the truth.

Q: I don’t know if this Dublin concert film, did it start out as something that you saw as being a theatrical release type thing, it would have that component to it, or was it different in any way, I guess, from … You’ve done a few different live DVD kind of things. I’m just curious about the scale of the project and how it came together and the intent of it, to start with.

DH: Well, we did a tour last summer. We did a UK and Ireland tour last summer, our European tour. When I found out that we were playing in Dublin, I had played in the Olympic Theater in Dublin back in the ’90s as a Daryl Hall show and not with John. My memory of that place was that it was an outrageous concert. There’s something about the crowd, about the room, that was, at that time, very magical to me and really special. When I found out that we were playing there, and that Hall and Oates had never played in Ireland ever, which is kind of strange but true, I suggested that we record and do something with it, you know, record the performance.

The company Eagle Rock, who I’ve worked with before,and we decided we were going to film the project, without any idea that what was going to happen happened. After we did it, it exceeded my expectations. It was just an outrageously good night. Not only was the band really on, but the crowd was just crazy. The company called Fathom, who puts these things for theatrical release, saw this performance, and they came to us and said, we’d like to put this in theaters, if you’re into it.

That’s really how it happened, very step by step. I knew it from the beginning that it was going to be a special night, and that’s what it turned out to be.

Q: One thing I’m curious about is, not having seen it yet and not having seen you guys in the past few years, I wonder if you feel the concerts you do now and the kind of thing that was captured on the Dublin film, if you feel like the concerts have a different feel or a different sort of intent or different whatever from the kind of shows that so many people saw during the ’80s, when you guys were so big on radio and you were putting on big shows and stuff. 

DH: It’s really different. A few of the things are different. Number one, back in those days, we were really concentrating on what was current to us at the time. In 1985, we would play music from what was going on in 1985 in our world. What we’ve done in the more recent past is that we … Our set, it varied. It changes night to night, and it comprises of songs that we’ve written over all of our career. We’ll mix songs from 1972 with songs from yesterday. In that respect, it’s a much more varied show and it doesn’t relate to just one moment in time or anything like that.

Our band, without any doubt in my mind, this is the best band we ever had. A lot of these guys have been with us for a long time and there’s a few new guys, but the combination is just the best. They understand us and we have a fantastic communication and understanding of the music and so I think it’s better than it ever was. I guess that’s the best way I could put it.

Q: As you said, touring still continues to be something that you and John clearly want to do together. Does that not extend to recording new music? Why is touring so high a priority and recording new music not?

DH: The touring has to do with what we did when we were together and at a period of time in our lives. Right now, we have grown into a place where we’re very individualistic, more than we ever were. We are our own people. I don’t think either one of us has any particular desire to sit in a room and try writing songs with the other guy. We didn’t even really do that that much through our whole career, but we did share album space and stage time. In that respect, we are very much together. We’re together for the sake of that, really, and because we like doing it.

I don’t really feel … I mean, if I want to write a song, or record a song, I just go in and do it, and so does John. I don’t call him up and say, come on and join me on this. It’s just one of those things. Life changes. People move on. Time moves on. People develop. They grow as people, the whole thing, become more individualistic, I think, as you get older. All those factors are … I’m sure they lead to the separateness of us.

Q: I wanted to ask if you and John generally agree on what your best material is, in terms of writing a set list.

DH: Oh, well, our set list changes all the time. We put our set list together depending on what occasion we’re involved in. The mood of the room, I mean, it’s a very flexible thing. We sometimes change it on stage. We’ll say, let’s not play this. Let’s play that instead. As far as agreement, I think it’s sort of a … It’s the whole band agreement, really. We play what we feel is appropriate to the moment.

Q: In terms of different eras of Hall and Oates’ discography, is there parts of it that you prefer, or that John prefers? ’70s, ’80s …

DH: I think we’re both partial to the ’70s as a musical time in general. I think of all the eras that we’ve worked together, it’s definitely within. I think that ’70s music is the time that interests us the most. That’s just personal taste. I guess that’s the answer to that, but other than that, I mean, it’s really a cross-section of our whole writing career. We just draw from anything that moves us at the moment.

Q: Fathom does a lot of these things with a lot of rock bands. Green Day, Springsteen have all done it. I’m curious if you’ve ever seen one of them and also what kind of experience you think that a fan will get watching it on the movie screen compared to seeing you guys live?

DH: Well, I have not ever seen one because I pretty much never go to the movies. As far as what people will see, I think it’s a really good example of what we do. I was involved in the rough cuts and everything so I made sure that it was very, that it really captured the moment. As much as you can without actually being in the room as it’s happening.

It was a very … What’s the word I can use? A very loose and laid back and direct version of our show. We weren’t, and I say this in the best way, we weren’t trying. We were just playing. We were there. There was no pressure. I don’t think anybody in the band felt pressured about it. It just felt like we were really just up there having a good time and experiencing the moment. I think that that communicates in the show and I think that the audience will also experience that.

Q: Also, I know you have a few summer dates already penciled in but are you and John planning a more extensive summer tour?

DH: Well, no. We play all the time. I mean, I have so much going on in my life between television shows and everything else that we don’t have any time for any long tours. What we do is we constantly tour for short periods of time. We go out for a week, ten days, something like that. That happens just about every month we do that. Nothing particularly long coming up in the summer. Continue reading

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Ménage Is Our Newest Musical Obsession! Get To Know The Band!


(PCM) We simply can not get enough of Toronto-based band Menage! The group is made up of siblings  Basilio, Gabriel and Bela Ferreira who are truly a musical force to be reckoned with!  Get ready … because Menage is poised to take the music industry by storm.

We were recently able to catch up Menage is chat about their brilliant self-titled EP, touring plans, new music and so much more!

Q: Can you share some details about the creative process behind the latest EP?

Menage: This is the first one where we kind of we had played the songs live already and were a full band. Our first album, we had the music before we were a band. I think this album was a little more catered to us if that makes sense.

Q: Do you feel that the live element of our music carried over to the recording process?

Menage: I think we started things with a much quieter type of performance, so we really wanted to show that with a three or four song EP. It’s a completely different sound and shows a completely different side of us.

Q: Do you have any plans to release a full-length album or do you think that you will stick with the EP-style releases?

Menage: I think for the time being where we’re at, we’ve noticed that since the first album that our careers are ever evolving and the band is evolving. Being out on the road with a lot of different bands and we are influenced by a lot of different sounds so we’ve found that it is always Menage at the core, but there are different things we like to play around with sonically so I think that we are always evolving. Also, the stories we are telling, basically our songs are written about day to day life and our lives change with every single note we release. It may not be major or earth-shaking but our little world and our little circle definitely changes with each release.

I feel that with EP’s it gives us a chance to give a play by play of what is going on with our career. It gives fans a chance to hear where we are at during this season or these couple months and our next EP will be out a couple months after and it might be a completely different life experience we are going through. Our songs are for the most part non-fiction and about real lives.

Q: I imagine that has got to keep things fresh for you all as a band. 

Menage: Yes, definitely.

Q: I found that while listening to the EP, especially one of my personal favorite tracks “Till The End”, that the music has a very cinematic quality. Can you comment on that?

Menage: That particular one I feel like was after a cross America tour that we did and the shows whether we plan it or not become very interactive. We like to make it not about we’re up on stage and you’re down there watching, but more like an experience that everyone can share. Those are the show that we always dreamed of being part of as a fan watching other bands so, that was just one example where we wrote it and recorded it just imagining the next tour that this is going to be something for everyone to chant along with and it is an anthem of sorts. I think that was an example of writing a song different than on the first album because it was based on experiences from being on the road for so long.

Q: How is it working together as siblings?

Menage: (laughs) That question always comes up! And there is never a delicate way of putting it. I don’t think that we are any different than any other group of siblings so you can just imagine piling up in your mom and dad’s mini-van and going on a summer road trip with your siblings as a kid. There are always arguments that you are going to go through and stuff like that, so nothing changes just because you’re in a band.

Everything from what songs we are recording next, the set list we are going to play that night to arguing over the radio station that we are going to play in the car. It’s pretty simple. It’s just an extension of a normal sibling situation when you are stuck in a small confined space.

Q: I am sure that you all have varied musical influences. For each one of you personally, do you have that pivotal music moment that made you want to pursue music for a career?

Menage: It was very, very early for all three of us. We always had music playing in the house, we always watched music videos. Music videos are more exciting to us that any movie or video game could ever be and we were just obsessed from the very start.  I can’t remember us ever not being obsessed with music and music videos. Our parents were not musicians at all but they were big music fans and it was just to be on the other side of the TV screen and it being just a dream come true.

When we realized that if we just work at it maybe it is possible that there is a career in there somewhere even if it is super challenging, but that was just the beginning. Even with Dave and Elliot, the other two guys in the band we all feel the same way. We have trailed off with different musical influences but I think together somehow it just works. I think we are very lucky in that aspect.

Q: I agree. Your chemistry together is amazing. I also love the fact that you have not forgotten the art of the music video. I feel like, despite there being a lack of home for them anymore the visual element is still very important. 

Menage: Yes, it’s sad and we agree that music videos are definitely still very important.

Q: With all the changes we have witnessed within the music industry over the years which one would you say has had the biggest effect on the band?

Menage: I think we are still unaffected by it, we really kind of do our own thing. I feel like whatever is going on outside of our little bubble we don’t really get too affected by the business side of it. We’ve come to realize that online stuff is very important whereas all we care about is playing live in front of people … real live people. A live band will never be replaced yet. As long as people still want to see live music I think there is always a place for band and touring bands.

Q: Exactly!  I always want to argue with those that say rock is dead saying ‘Have you been out to a show lately?’ without a doubt people are still hungry for it!  What does touring look like for Menage into 2015?

Menage: We have several west coast shows coming up late February into late March which will take us to South By Southwest and we will probably extend from there. Most likely we will be headed east from there.

Q: Has there been any work on new music? I know that “Black and White TV” has been released. 

Menage: We are in the studio right now with David Botrill and that is another crazy little dream come true that we never thought possible. He is responsible for some of our favorite albums of all time. He has worked with Smashing Pumpkins, Muse and Placebo so we’re super excited. We are just finishing off the last pre-production touches and then we start recording in a matter of days. We are in Canada right now and as soon as we are done we get on a plane and head out to California and that’s when we start the dates.

Q: That’s so exciting. I also have to ask what it was like to work with Jim Barr? 

Menage: It was amazing. He is the nicest guy. Obviously, he is in the UK so it was all online and we did talk on the phone a little bit. It was long-distance, but I think he totally saw in his eyes what we wanted with his vision and we are excited to hopefully work with him again.  We also have to note that on “Black and White TV” the humble star of the song is George F. Adra on the blues guitar. He is a Syrian musician, who is a friend of ours and speaks very minimal English because he just moved to North America from Syria.

He is an incredible guitarist and we discovered him through a friend of ours and when we heard him play we said you just have to be on this track!  It sounded so haunting and the track itself is very haunting and everything is very dark about it and the guitar just fit in perfectly.  We need to get him in more demand here in North America. He is an amazing guy and so so talented!

Q: On a personal level I look at music as a universal language that we can all speak and understand even if we take different messages away. Is there anything in particular that you hope that the music of Menage will say to listeners?

Menage: To forget and kind of let go from the depressing world that we live in and kind of take a break for a minute.

For more information about Menage, please visit:

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Emmure Releases New Video For “A Gift A Curse”

(PCM) Rockers Emmure have recently revealed a mind-blowing new video for the track “A Gift A Curse” off their latest album release “Eternal Enemies”.

We adore the fact that the band has not forgotten the art of the music video and the video for “A Gift A Curse” is actually the fourth music video released from the album.

Aside from its technical mastery, the futuristic and mind-bending sequences propose the death of art. From the crumbling of the David Statue and the always enraged lyrics of Emmure, “A Gift A Curse” moves along like an ballistic missile, leaving little time to interpretation.

Director Ievgenii Nozhechkin discusses the meaning behind this dynamic masterpiece, “I wanted to show the music of Emmure as something that does not have an end, that it goes deep inside every single person, and something that will be alive after us. Art touches the hearts and souls of so many people so it cannot be stopped or destroyed. Additional details of the video are destroying the pieces of art as a strong symbol of destruction of the past inside of you. Destroying the old, we enable a new birth.”

Emmure will be hitting the U.S. with Suicide Silence starting February 17th in Santa Cruz, CA. The tour hits all corners of the country, don’t miss your chance to see Emmure live.

Check out our interview with Frankie of Emmure while out on last summer’s Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival.


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Nicki Minaj Conducts Live Facebook Q&A With Fans After Premiere Of New MTV Documentary

(PCM) Nicki Minaji recently shared quite a bit of insight into her musical inspirations and more during a live Facebook Q&A conducted with fans directly after the premiere of her new MTV documentary “My Time AGAIN”.

She spoke about topics such as her collaboration with Beyonce saying “It felt empowering for women in general in music today”, as well as revealing that being close to her mother and brothers are what she is enjoying the most about being back in Queens.

Minaj went on to say that her favorite part of making “The Pink Print” was “revealing things people did not know about me” and that she enjoys cooking in her down time.

You can check out the full Q&A below:

Post by MTV.
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Papa Roach And Seether Provide A Rocking Start To The New Year!


(PCM) Rockers Papa Roach and Seether have provided a rocking start to the New Year by embarking on a co-headlining tour that is packing venues across the country. Bringing along their friends in KYNG and newcomers Islander, we could not have asked for a more solid show to start off the 2015 concert season.

We recently attended the show at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA and despite the frigid temperatures outside the heat was certainly on once these bands took the stage and blasted through their sets pumping out hit after hit as the night raged on.

After blistering sets from both KYNG and Islander, Seether took the stage and played with more energy and enthusiasm than we have seen in them for quite some time. The band is currently on the road in support of the newest album release “Isolate and Medicate”, which is proving to churn out just as many hit singles as the band’s previous releases. The album’s first single “Words As Weapons” tore up the active rock charts and currently the album’s second single “Same Damn Life” is performing much the same.


With an album library that is as extensive as Seether’s we can’t even begin to imagine what goes into crafting their set list, but they managed to span their entire catalog throughout their performance and played just about everything the audience wanted to hear.  The audience sing-a-long for “Broken” was incredibly emotional and I was thrilled to hear some of our favorites such as “Gasoline” and “Country Song” again in the live environment.

Vocalist Shawn Morgan sings with such amazing precision, while bassist Dale Stewart and drummer John Humphrey never missed a beat. Seether are certainly starting out 2015 with a performance high note and we highly recommend checking out their set.

Following, Seether’s invigorating performance the audience was amped and ready for Papa Roach to take the stage. If you have never had the chance to witness Papa Roach live then you truly do not know what you are missing. The raw energy and adrenaline that exudes from the stage is intoxicating and we were thoroughly engrossed in the band’s performance from beginning to end.


Vocalist Jacoby Shaddix has a way of commandeering the stage and he along with the rest of the band made up of guitarist Jerry Horton, bassist Tobin Esperance and drummer Tony Palermo strive to provide the audience with the most intensely rocking performance imaginable.

Papa Roach is currently gearing up for the release of their 8th studio album “F.E.A.R. (Face Everything And Rise) which is set for release on January 27th. We also have to note that January 27th just so happens to also mark the 15th anniversary of the band’s debut album “Infest”, so we are sure there are going to be a few celebrations for the band while out on the road.

We have had a chance to give “F.E.A.R” a few spins and without a doubt find that the new album is some of Papa Roach’s strongest material to date. We adore the fact that this band has never made the same album twice and “F.E.A.R” will definitely be a favorite among fans for sure.

Papa Roach’s set list, much like Seether’s consisted of the band churning out hit after hit such as “Getting Away With Murder”, “Between Angels and Insects”, “Broken Home” and of course their mega-hit “Last Resort”.


PCM’s Kristyn Clarke and Renee Winner were able to catch up with Papa Roach guitarist Jerry Horton just prior to the show to discuss the band’s new album, the recording process and more … check out the full interview below:

Photography credit: Mike Sievila

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