Poised To Be Pop-Superstars Meet Ian & The Dream


(PCM) Before I heard one song by Wisconsin-based Ian & The Dream, I had a feeling they’d be good after reading glowing feedback about their singing and songwriting by Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys and iconic producer Butch Vig. I read a little deeper and found out that two of their earlier records were producer by Grammy-winner Stephen Short, whose credits include Paul McCartney, Queen and Genesis. With luminaries like that, odds are the music was going to be good.

Let me tell you, the bio hype was spot-on. These gentlemen turn out the hits and they
keep em’ coming. On their latest release, California Cauliflower, highlights include “That’s Love” and “Thank You Girl.” “Steppin’ On My Shoes” is a fun, funky number that made me want to dance.

The songs are melodic and memorable. Some lean towards power pop and others are piano pop. But all of these songs will stick in your head for a long time. My personal favorite was “That’s What Kept My Heart Alive” which can be found on the Saturns of Stars EP. That song is a smash and I could hear it in any big budget romantic comedy. Did you hear me Drew Barrymore, Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston?

The artist lists their influences as The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Weezer. I agree with that, and I can also see some similarities to Sting, Billy Joel, Jack Johnson, Gavin DeGraw and Howie Day. Head to iTunes and check out some material from Ian & The Dream. They clearly know how to write and deliver a song as strong as anything on pop radio today.

Band Members: Ian Ash, Chivo & Brian Farvour

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